“Guacamelee” is getting a sequel, and it is bound to launch on PlayStation 4 soon. Aptly titled “Guacamelee 2,” the new game is going to feature an interesting storyline and a new ability, among others.

On Monday, Drinkbox Studios’ Metroidvania-style platformer was among the first games revealed as part of the pre-show prior Sony’s Paris Games Week. Sony itself shared the good news about the sequel to fans when it posted a short trailer for the game on Twitter. Unfortunately, “Guacamelee 2” doesn’t have a specific release date yet. Sony only wrote “soon-ish” to build up the hype over the game and confirm that it is surely coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

Engadget has learned that the storyline of the upcoming game won’t be that much different from its predecessor’s. It’s important to take note however that the events presented in the sequel take place place seven years after the things that happened in the first game. Luchador Juan Aquacate is coming back and this time he is on a mission to save Mexico from a new villain.

"Guacamelee 2 picks up seven years after the original story," the official description for the sequel reads. "Juan Aguacate is living a happy life with his family, when his friend and trainer Uay Chivo discovers a new evil menace that threatens to destroy not only Mexico, but time and space itself."

The Mexican fairytale-inspired platformer will also feature a new hooking mechanic, which is called Eagle Boost. This will let Juan fly through each new level. Other changes include better lighting, improved visuals, new environmental challenges and a four-player local co-op system that will enable gamers to play with their friends.

A standout feature in “Guacamelee 2” is the new ability that allows players to transform into a chicken and dash in any direction. However, this is only available to players who have obtained the Chicken Shot. GameSpot says this will be useful for navigating the world and in combat.

"In addition to the new levels, enemies, bosses, characters, improved visuals and player mechanics we're introducing in Guacamelee! 2, we're also excited to have much more emphasis on the chicken form in this game," Drinkbox Studios co-founder Graham Smith said in a statement. "Everyone on the team really wanted the sequel to have more FOWL PLAY. Hahaha, do you get it? It's funny because it sounds the same as 'foul play'. I'm not sure you get it."

Drinkbox Studios has decided to keep the colorful visual style and gameplay of the original “Guacamelee.” Hence, fans can expect the sequel to resemble the first game in terms of these aspects. It’s important to note that “Guacamelee 2” has 4K and HDR support on PS4 Pro though, so players who have the console will be able to tell the superior picture quality of the sequel.

For now, only the PS4 version is confirmed. However, since the first game was launched on various platforms, it’s also likely for Drinkbox to bring the sequel to PC, Xbox One and even the Nintendo Switch.

“Guacamelee” is getting a sequel and it is coming to PS4 soon. Drinkbox Studios/Steam