Guild Wars 2 - Jackal
The Sand Jackal mount in Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2


  • "Path of Fire" is required to unlock mounts
  • The Raptor mount is available for a limited time for all new players
  • Skyscales require several days' worth of waiting and effort to unlock

The mounts in "Guild Wars 2" are known for being some of the best in the MMO genre. Each mount in the game fulfills a different role, and they all feel distinct from each other.

On the other hand, they are more difficult to obtain when compared to the trusty steeds, vehicles and other manners of ridable monsters typically found in other MMOs. Despite this, the mounts of "Guild Wars 2" still offer the quickest ways to traverse Tyria, and players will want to get at least one of them as soon as they start their journey.


First of all, players will need to purchase the "Path of Fire" expansion before they can start collecting mounts in "Guild Wars 2." They were first introduced when this DLC was launched, and thus, all of the locations that players need to visit to unlock mounts are locked behind the expansion's maps and activities.

There is no level requirement for unlocking mounts, but considering that "Path of Fire" is designed for Level 80 characters and above, players should prepare accordingly.

How to Unlock Mounts

There are nine mounts in "Guild Wars 2" as of writing, and they each have different requirements.


  • Complete the first "Path of Fire" story mission or talk to Strigidae in New Kaineng City


  • Complete the Highjump Ranch heart and purchase one from the NPC vendor
  • Talk to Lieutenant Zhao in New Kaineng City


  • Complete the heart in the Skimmer Ranch in the Elon Riverlands
  • Raptor Jump Mastery is required to reach the ranch


  • Finish the Sand Jackal Ruin heart in The Desolation
  • Requires Skimmer or Springer mastery

Roller Beetle

  • Complete the Beetle Saddle, Beetle Feed and Beetle Juice collections
  • Must own "Living World" Season 4, episode 3
Guild Wars 2 - Beetle
Roller Beetles are meant for traversing large swathes of flat land Guild Wars 2


  • Finish the "Path of Fire" campaign and complete the Open Skies collection


  • Unlock the Warclaw Companion achievement, and then purchase one from Elvie, the Warclaw Tender


  • Finish the War Eternal episode in "Living World" Season 4 and complete all relevant collections

Siege Turtle

  • Obtain a Turtle Egg from Dragon's End or buy one from a peddler then complete the Stomping Around collection
  • Requires "End of Dragons"
Guild Wars 2 - Griffon
Griffons are quasi-flying mounts that can glide over long distances Guild Wars 2