Gundam Evolution - Barbatos
Barbatos with a GM Sniper in Gundam Evolution Bandai Namco


  • Barbatos thrives in melee combat against almost every enemy
  • The suit has zero ranged capabilities and low ultimate generation
  • Barbatos can destroy every non-buffed mobile suit in two hits

Barbatos is one of the most feared mobile suits in "Gundam Evolution" due to its terrifying flanking power. It's one of the few units in the game that can outright destroy an enemy mobile suit nearly instantaneously regardless of maximum HP count.

This power comes at the cost of a high skill floor, not to mention that players must have a good-enough understanding of how "Gundam Evolution" plays.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Barbatos excels in very close quarters thanks to his two-hit combo that can instantly destroy any mobile suit in the game. A fully-charged Mace Smash followed up by a quick Long Sword plunge deals up to 1,500 damage, which is enough to take out everything except a Sazabi with extra armor.

Hitting this combo consistently is essential to mastering Barbatos. When used together with Leap and the suit's three thruster charges, players can easily dart through the battlefield and pick off vulnerable targets.

Gundam Evolution - Barbatos smash
Targets hit by Barbatos' Mace Smash are temporarily knocked down Gundam Evolution

However, the fact that Barbatos is a melee-only unit means that fighting in open areas is impractical. Even with all of the ways to close the gap, Barbatos can easily get focused down if there isn't enough cover to hide behind.

This unit also has trouble building its ultimate ability due to its lack of poke skills. Barbatos needs to get inside the enemy's personal space if it wants to charge up its ultimate.

Tips and Tricks

Always stick to low-traffic lanes and get the jump on the enemy backline. Keep in mind that Leap's cooldown resets upon scoring a kill, so don't be afraid to use it offensively.

Also, while the Smash-Plunge combo is great for instantly eliminating targets, using it isn't always ideal. When fighting mobile suits with 1,000 to 1,200 HP, stun them with the smash, and then hit them with basic attacks instead before using the sword plunge.

Suits with 1,000 health will still die before they can react, but this will grant Barbatos more ultimate charge per kill. Enemies with 1,200 HP will obviously take one more hit before they are destroyed, but the added time-to-kill doesn't matter as much since they're already at low health and within striking range.

Gundam Evolution - Barbatos ultimate
Barbatos' ultimate allows the suit to perform three dashing slices in any direction Gundam Evolution