Gundam Evolution - Guntank
Guntank in Gundam Evolution Gundam Evolution


  • Guntank excels at holding choke points and damaging multiple enemies
  • This unit suffers from low DPS and weak dueling potential
  • Guntank's G-Maneuver can quickly turn the tide of a match

Guntank is perhaps the most unique of all the mobile suits in "Gundam Evolution." It's essentially a mobile weapons platform that's all about dealing chip damage. It lacks the raw killing power of other suits, but it makes up for it with a very powerful G-Maneuver.

Despite its low DPS output, Guntank can still make a significant difference, especially when it's supporting a coordinated team. Here are some tips on how to use this character to its full potential.

Guntank Role and Playstyle

Guntank's main job is to chip away at the enemy's health to allow other teammates to finish them off. Its primary weapon, Bop Missile, automatically tracks up to three enemies in front of Guntank at a time, so players only need to hold down the fire button while looking at the enemy's general direction.

Gundam Evolution - Guntank Weapons
Guntank's primary fire automatically locks on to enemies Gundam Evolution

Bop Missile's damage is very low, even when Guntank is focusing on a single target with its alternate fire mode. As such, don't expect to score solo kills as much as other characters. This is somewhat offset by Bop Missile's high range.

Instead, use Bop Missile with Cannon to damage multiple enemies at once.

Guntank's G-Maneuver, Launch Core Fighter, is similar to the Rip Tire from "Overwatch 2's" Junk Rat, except the payload is capable of flight. It deals extreme damage over a large area, and it can single-handedly turn the tide of a fight when used properly.

Guntank Tips

Always stick with the team, preferably next to whoever is on the frontline. Since players don't need to worry about accuracy, they can focus on dumping damage onto the enemies instead.

Guntank is particularly good at holding choke points like the main entrance in Missile Base. Spam Cannon to hit enemies hiding around corners and keep laying down suppressive fire with Bop Missile.

Rush is great for escaping sticky situations or for peeling flankers off allies. Feel free to use it to get back to the frontline faster as well.

Consider playing Guntank when the team needs an anchor, a rear guard, or an offensive, damage-dealing support for a Unicorn-centric team comp – imagine this unit as a bodyguard and not a frontline fighter. Guntank also has a passive that lets it quickly revive downed teammates, further enforcing its supportive role.

Gundam Evolution - Guntank Ult
Guntank's G-Maneuver can be flown over and detonate near enemies Gundam Evolution