Gundam Evolution - Turn A Gundam
Gundam Evolution's take on the Turn A Gundam Gundam Evolution


  • Turn A fulfills a marksman role alongside GM Sniper
  • Charged Beam Rifle shots deal significantly more damage and have bigger hitboxes
  • Moonbeam Butterfly is great for denying areas and finishing off trapped enemies

The Turn A Gundam is one of the more unique units in "Gundam Evolution." This long-ranged suit comes with surprising survivability and decent effectiveness in close quarters.

Players who aren't fond of GM Sniper's overreliance on long sightlines may want to use the Turn A instead. It lacks the one-shot capability, but it more than makes up for it with its improved ease of use and overall versatility.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Turn A is a mid-to-long-range unit that focuses more on dealing damage instead of outright destroying enemies from across the map.

Its Beam Rifle is relatively weak in its base form, dealing only about 120 body shot damage when fired from the hip. However, it can be charged to deal up to 465 damage on headshots across a deceptively wide area.

Gundam Evolution - Turn A Rifle
Charged Beam RIfle shots do not suffer from damage fall-off at range Gundam Evolution

Charged Beam Rifle shots travel more slowly, but they pierce, deal more damage and have larger hitboxes. Pilots can easily tag multiple enemies with one shot, which makes Turn A very valuable on choke point fights.

Ironically, none of Turn A's abilities synergizes with this ranged playstyle. Instead, they cover for the suit's weak close-range capabilities. Overhead Throw is especially useful against flankers like Barbatos and Zaku II as it can toss them away and make them vulnerable to a few charged shots.

Nanoskin is also great for surviving close encounters. It heals 500 HP over five seconds, and it cannot be interrupted by damage. This effectively raises Turn A's effective health to 1600, making it very durable in a duel.

Lastly, its Moonbeam Butterfly G-Maneuver can either be used to escape or to saturate an area with damage. It's difficult to use offensively, but it pays off more often than not.

How To Play Turn A Gundam

Players will want to stay in those mid-ranged sightlines while aiming for the enemies' heads. Turn A has more horizontal mobility and close-ranged survivability than GM Sniper, which means players can afford to be more aggressive with their positioning.

Use charged shots as much as possible. Normal shots are hard to land and deal pitiful damage – players are better off using charged shots if they want to be consistent with their performance.

When on the offensive, Moonbeam Butterfly is best used like DOM Trooper's Screaming Nimbus. Try to ram into enemy mobile suits to deal the most damage.

Gundam Evolution - Turn A Butterfly
Turn A's G-Maneuver enables flight for a short duration Gundam Evolution