Jennifer Lopez called her mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez, "complicated" in the newly dropped documentary, "Halftime."

Lopez also shared the time when she got into a "bad fight" with her mother and left home at the age of 18.

The 52-year-old singer revealed that as a teenager, she used to have a lot of arguments with her mother regarding her career choice. While her mother wanted her to focus on studies, Lopez was interested in dancing, which caused many fights between them.

"My mom was like, ‘If you’re gonna live in this house, you’re gonna get your education,'" Lopez recalled, The New York Post reported Thursday. "We got into a bad fight one night and I just left."

Rodriguez also shared her views in the documentary and said, "I was far from the perfect mother. The one thing I can always say, everything I did, I did with their best interest at heart."

The mother of three daughters shared that she wanted her three daughters including Lopez to have a good education so that they don't have to rely on men.

Rodriguez, who was an immigrant in the United States, raised her daughters with ex-husband Maximilian David Muñiz.

"I always had the highest expectations of them. It wasn’t to be critical. It was only to show you that you could do better," Rodriguez shared her thoughts in the Netflix documentary.

"Jennifer, she gave me the hardest time, to tell you the truth. We butted heads a lot."

Lopez, on the other hand, noted that her mother is a "complicated" person.

"She did what she had to do to survive, and it made her strong, but it also made her tough," the singer said. "She beat the sh-t out of us."

In the documentary, Lopez also slammed the media for focussing more on her personal appearance and life rather than on her career.

"I grew up around women with curves, so it was nothing ever I was ashamed of," Lopez said before adding, that the beauty standards in the old days were "very thin, blonde, tall, not a lot of curves."

"Halftime" is streaming on Netflix. Considering her future projects, Lopez will be next seen in the movies "The Mother," "Shotgun Wedding," "The Godmother" and "Atlas."

Jennifer Lopez
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