Netflix dropped an official trailer of the highly anticipated movie, "Bruised," on Thursday and fans couldn't stop praising Halle Berry for her performance.

The trailer opens with a couple of guys teasing Berry for her past on the streets while she recalls flashbacks of her fights in the ring. In the next scene, Berry is shown cleaning toilets and hotel rooms, before she says, "I don't wanna fight, I'm happy."

In the two-minute trailer, the 55-year-old actress could be seen without makeup and wearing a hoodie. Later in the trailer, she trains hard in order to play a match again.

Fans took to the comments section on YouTube to praise the actress for her directorial and action scenes.

One of the fans wrote, "Great to see the Bond Girl of my childhood still kicking a--!" another fan wrote, "Now this is a movie I could watch repeatedly. She is such a powerhouse of talent."

A user commented, "I feel like Halle Barry embodies every character she plays. It blows my mind how she is able to be the character than just act. So happy to see her working her craft again."

In August 2021, the actress opened up about filming the action movie, disclosing how she broke her two ribs on the very first day.

"I told the [John Wick] director about it, they told the insurance. We had to shut down for months and it was a big ordeal," Berry told Entertainment Weekly. "Because it was an independent movie, we didn't have a big budget. The director in me said, 'I didn't come this far and work this hard to go home.'"

Fight choreographer and stunt coordinator Eric Brown also told the outlet that it was a "crazy injury but that was just her intensity."

"Halle's a special case. I've worked with tons of actors, and almost none of them have that kind of work ethic," Brown added.

"Bruised" will mark Berry's directorial debut. The actress took to Instagram on Thursday to reveal that the movie will first release in theaters on Nov. 17 and later, it will be available to stream on Netflix from Nov. 24 onwards.

Halle Berry
Halle Berry is pictured at the 16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball on June 3, 2017, in Los Angeles. Getty Images