There are many things to look forward to this month, but one of the biggest occasions on everyone’s mind is Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s May wedding. The event is clearly top of mind for Hallmark Channel, a company that Markle filmed two movies for, as they’ve just released a DVD collection tied to her wedding.

Though Hallmark Channel has many royal romance movies, the 36-year-old actress has not starred in any of them. This hasn’t stopped the company from seeing the star’s upcoming nuptials to Prince Harry as a golden opportunity to package together her two non-princess-related films, though.

The product can be purchased on Amazon and is being sold as an Amazon Prime item, making it eligible for free delivery. Its list price is $14.93, but the current sale price comes in just under 10 dollars at $9.96.

Hallmark’s “Royal Wedding Collection” DVD set includes Markle’s two films, “When Sparks Fly” and “Dater’s Handbook,” as well as the network’s recent princess flick, “Royal Hearts,” starring Cindy Busby and Andrew Cooper.

markle hallmark dvd
Meghan Markle stars in “The Dater’s Handbook” on Hallmark Channel. Crown Media / Katie Yu

“Dater’s Handbook” follows Cass (Markle), a successful businesswoman who decides to use The Daters Handbook to find the perfect guy. “When Sparks Fly” finds journalist Amy (Markle) heading back to her small hometown to write a Fourth of July story and reconnecting with an old flame while she’s there.

“Royal Hearts” centers on Kelly (Busby), a goal-oriented woman ready to finish her dissertation, and her father, a Montana rancher, as they find out that he’s inherited land in a small country, along with the title of king, making her a princess.

Despite Markle being the only face and name on the DVD cover, she doesn’t have a part in the last film. It seemingly acts as a way to help pull it all together since the collection’s title is “Royal Wedding” but none of Markle’s movies were royal-related. If someone’s buying this box set, they’d likely expect to see at least one royal movie, Markle or not.

If they want to see a royal wedding scene with the “Suits” alum, then they’ll have to wait until May 19 to see the real thing when Markle weds Prince Harry at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.