Five Night Thanksgiving Movie Event continues on Hallmark Channel with the Countdown to Christmas premiere of “The Mistletoe Inn” with Alicia Witt and David Alpay.

Witt’s last Hallmark movie was last year’s Christmas flick “Christmas List” with Gabriel Hogan, who she also starred with in the network’s 2013 movie “Christmas at Cartrwight’s.” This is her fifth year in a row starring in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.

Meanwhile, her new co-star, Alpay, was in 2016’s “Sleigh Bells Ring” with Erin Cahill and 2015’s “Ice Sculpture Christmas” with Rachel Boston, which were both Hallmark movies.

Now the two are taking on Christmas on Hallmark Channel together in “The Mistletoe Inn,” which follows Kim Ross (Witt), an aspiring romance novelist who wants nothing more than to be published.

“When Kim’s boyfriend Garth (Casey Manderson) dumps her citing his need to seriously focus on his writing and wanting someone who seriously focuses on theirs, Kim decides to do something bold: she courageously faces her fear of criticism by signing up for a week-long, winter romance novelist writer’s conference in beautiful, majestic Vermont,” according to the synopsis.

mistletoe inn hallmark synopsis “The Mistletoe Inn” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Nov. 23. Photo: Crown Media/Kailey Schwerman

This fresh jumpstart for her career has Kim very excited because she’ll not only get time to meet with publishers and agents, but she’ll also have a chance to win a meeting with her literary idol, novelist H.T. Cowell.

“While waiting to check into the beautiful, snow covered Mistletoe Inn, Kim meets Zeke (Alpay), a handsome and fellow aspiring writer whose luggage collides with hers, making for an awkward introduction,” the synopsis teases.

“They bump into each other again as next-door neighbors checking into their respective rooms and again at the first cocktail mixer, where after some small talk, Kim turns around to find her ex, Garth, standing there wondering why she, of all people, would be at a writer’s conference. Garth tells her to lower her expectations, declaring he will win this contest. She readily accepts his challenge, wanting to prove him wrong for not believing in her.”

Despite having her rude ex-boyfriend there, Kim has fun as she attends workshops where she’s paired up with Zeke, who seems to know what he’s doing. That’s why she’s scared when he takes her computer to read her not-finished manuscript to give her some feedback.

“While she panics, he tries to offer constructive criticism and it’s later announced to the entire conference that she, not Garth, wins the first round of the competition,” the movie’s summary reveals. “A small victory, but she still doubts herself.”

As Kim and Zeke continue to work together throughout the week, she opens up about her lack of confidence, while he reveals that he’s had writer’s block since his divorce. They begin to trust each other and truly enjoy their time together, until Kim finds something out about Zeke that has her feeling betrayed.

Will the two be able to work it out in time for Christmas? Will Kim finally reach her dream of being a published author?

Feel the love when “The Mistletoe Inn” airs on Hallmark Channel on Nov. 23 at 8 p.m. EST.