Actor Charlie Sheen gestures toward the media as he leaves the Pitkin County Courthouse after his sentencing hearing in Aspen
If Halloween costume sales reports are any indication, we could be seeing a lot more Charlie Sheen come October 31. Reuters released its list of 2011's Most Controversial Halloween costumes. Most of the items on the short, somewhat general list were expected (save one we hadn't heard of), and there was one glaring omission.

Here's the list:

Zombie Osama bin Laden
Dead celebrities
Charlie Sheen
Anna Rexia
Sexy adult costumes based on childhood characters

For those just tuning in, Anna Rexia is a pretty shocking getup that some are accusing of glamourizing eating disorders. The costume consists of a short dress with the image of a skeleton, a belt designed like a tape measure, and a name label reading Anna Rexia.

I find it just appalling, Lynn Grefe, CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, told CNN. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, and to think that someone that understood an eating disorder would actually buy this costume is an outrage...That costume represents a sick perspective on this illness.

It is worth noting that does not appear to carry the Anna Rexia costume. does carry an Osama bin Laden costume, but not a Zombie Osama bin Laden costume. Incidentally, the bin Laden costume is on sale, and the item description reads: Here's the body! You can put the conspiracy theories to rest now.

Dead celebrity costumes we can probably expect to see are Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Jack Kevorkian, and perhaps Steve Jobs.

Charlie Sheen would be an easy costume -- apparently a popular option is to wear a readily available Charlie Sheen mask with a Winning T-shirt. But is that really controversial?

There's no shortage of politicians to mock on Halloween: Sara Palin, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney could all make good costumes. And let's not forget Anthony Weiner!

We don't really understand Sexy adult costumes based on childhood characters. Sexy Snow White? Sexy Smurf? It's Halloween - any costume can have a sexy or slutty label slapped on it.

What about Casey Anthony? That costume idea has been circulating since she was acquitted this summer, and is reportedly one of the most in-demand costumes for Halloween 2011.

At least one Halloween store refuses to carry it, according to TMZ.

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