Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders goes trick-or-treating with his grandchildren, Sunnee (L) and Grayson on Halloween in Lebanon, New Hampshire, Oct. 31, 2015 Reuters

Worried you're Halloween party is going to be more boring than a ghost movie without any ghosts? Terrified at the thought of a Halloween sans spooky crafts? Have no fear. There are plenty of devilishly fun activities and games to tackle this Halloween. Below are our favorite ideas for how to keep all the guys and ghouls in your life entertained.

1. Frankenstein Bowling: This games involving knocking down as many scary faces as you can. Good Housekeeping recommends painting the faces on cans, but we think nearly any small surface will do.

2. Pin The Face On The Pumpkin: It's just like everyone's favorite childhood game involving a donkey image, only you can pick up a pumpkin at the grocery store.

3. Candy Corn Bingo: Use candy corn as markers and print out fun boards with witch hats, zombies and black cats. If you see the costumes, you got Bingo!

4. Guess The Candy: Put a bunch of candy pieces in a jar. Have your guests guess the correct number of candy. The winner keeps the sweets.

5. Pinata: Get or make a pinata in a Halloween shape such as a ghost or a bat, and then let everyone smack it around until the candy inside falls out.

6. Witch Ring Toss: Put a witches hat on the ground, make sure the pointy tip stays straight, and then gather around ready to get your toss on.

7. Interactive Story Telling: Tell a scary story as you sit in a circle, and use props, such as spaghetti, to represent intestines.