Harold Camping was finally found after his Saturday ‘Doomsday’ prediction spectacularly failed.

On Saturday after 6 p.m. local time, Camping was nowhere to be found. His Family Radio compound in Oakland, CA was slammed shut and deserted in the surrounding areas outside. Similarly, his home in Alameda, CA was shut, including the blinds.

Meanwhile, a few of his followers, notably Robert Fitzpatrick of Staten Island, were out in public at the ‘Doomsday’ hour. When it failed to materialize, they suffered public humiliation.

When the ‘Doomsday’ hour passed for Camping, his wife said he was “a little bewildered” and “mystified,” said Tom Evans, a Camping associate, according to ABC News.

Now, he’s at his Alameda home, recovering from the great disappointment.

IBTimes reporters caught up with him there on Sunday. He was calm and seemed to have accepted the reality of his failed prediction. He also said he’d make a public statement on Monday because it’s “a big deal.”

“Give me a day, no interviews today…I’ve got to live with it, I’ve got to think it out,” he told IBTimes reporters on Sunday.

Below are two videos. The first one is of IBTimes reporters talking to Camping at his home. The second one is of his neighbor, who said Camping “lived here for a long time” and “is a good neighbor.”

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