• A Texas police officer allegedly killed Jonathan Price on Saturday at a gas station
  • An attorney for Price's family said he was intervening in a domestic violence incident before police arrived
  • Marches took place in various cities across the U.S. demanding justice for Price

A police officer is out on bond Tuesday after being charged with murder for the shooting of a black man in Wolfe City, Texas, over the weekend.

Wolfe City police officer Shaun David Lucas was arrested in Hunt County, Texas, on Monday for the shooting of resident Jonathan Price on Saturday. Lucas was first placed on leave Sunday before charges were formally filed while Texas Rangers investigate the shooting. A local judge set Lucas’ bond at $1 million, which was paid within hours of the officer’s arraignment.

Lee Merritt, an attorney for Price’s family, spoke about the shooting in a lengthy Instagram post on Sunday.

“His name was #JohnathanPrice. In Wolfe City, TX he was known as a hometown hero,” Merritt said in the post. “Motivational speaker, trainer, professional athlete and community advocate— he was dearly loved by so many.”

“Everyone in this community will echo that this shouldn't have happened to Jonathan because of the character that he had. However, this shouldn't happen to anybody. And it happens far too often to unarmed Black men, particularly in North Texas”

This sentiment was echoed by Price’s family, who spoke at a press conference on Monday.

“Everybody loved Jonathan. Everybody,” April Louis, Price’s sister, said. “Black, white, Mexican, it doesn't matter. He loved everybody. Everybody loved him.”

Merritt said he was told the shooting took place at a gas station in Wolfe City while Price was trying to intervene in a domestic violence incident. Merritt said Price saw a man hitting a woman when he stepped between them when police arrived shortly after. Price immediately raised his hands and tried explaining the situation when he was tased by an officer and started convulsing from the shocks. Merritt said the officer “perceived a threat” and shot Price.

Price’s family is demanding to see surveillance videos of the shooting and release them publicly.

“We want to see a copy of the video, and we want to see the official police report, which we haven't seen yet,” Merritt said at the press conference. “We want the officer officially named, identified and arrested.”

Price is the latest name Black Lives Matter protesters are demanding justice for, as well, with several marches across the U.S. taking place. One took place in Portland, Oregon, which has been a hotbed for BLM protests since May. Around 100 protesters marched on the Justice Center in downtown Portland, a regular target for protesters, before moving on to other government buildings in the city.

No violence was reported in Portland and the police presence was said to be minimal.

A demonstrator holding a 'Black Lives Matter' sign is seen taking part in an anti-racism protest in Boston, Massachusetts on May 29, 2020
A demonstrator holding a 'Black Lives Matter' sign is seen taking part in an anti-racism protest in Boston, Massachusetts on May 29, 2020 AFP / Joseph Prezioso