Black Lives Matter activist Sir Maejor Page has been charged with two counts of money laundering and one count of wire fraud.

WBKN reported that Page, who was previously known as Tyree Conyers-Page, created a social media page posing as a Black LivesMatter organization and used the donations for his personal use.

Page was arrested on Friday and his Toledo, Ohio home, which was owned by his Hi-Frequency Ohio organization, was raided.

A release from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Cleveland Division revealed that a complaint was filed with the agency in April that accused Page of operating and registering the “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta” (BLMGA) nonprofit under false pretenses.

The corporation, which was created in 2016, was dissolved in 2019 when the organization failed to file the required paperwork for the charity’s tax exemption. However, the social media page kept its nonprofit title listed and continue to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.

NBC 24 reported that Page opened a bank account for BLMGA in 2018 with only his name on the account.

While the balance on the account has gone as low as -$12.42, it has never exceeded $5,000 until this summer.

Over the summer, the company received over $450,000 in donations. Although Page claimed the money would go towards the fight for George Floyd, around $112,000 was used to purchase a residence on a vacant lot and other funds were used for custom suits, dining, entertainment, security systems, and more.

An estimated $200,000 of the BLMGA funds were used for personal purposes.

Gov. Andy Beshear is finding ways to address inequality in healthcare for African Americans in Kentucky. Pixabay