• A UK health care worker felt humiliated after she was turned away from a convenience store
  • The alleged reason behind was that she was still wearing her uniform
  • A company representative said they were just protecting their customers and staff  

Emily Challinor, a 20-year-old care worker from Burslem, went to a Premier store Friday while on a break from her shift. She was, however, dismayed upon being told that care providers are not allowed to enter the store located in Wolstanton Road, Chesterton, Staffordshire.

Store Regulations

Premier is a known chain of convenience stores in the United Kingdom, which is said to have over 3,000 branches in the country. According to their website, Premier shops are generally local convenience stores that are independently owned by retailers. 

Sticking To Rules

The shopkeeper said they were only making sure all their customers are safe from the risk of coronavirus infection. Care homes have been known to have coronavirus outbreaks and she cannot risk the safety and well-being of their customers. He added that any care workers who are not able to change their garbs should, instead, call the shop ahead to place their orders. Their orders will be available for pickup and delivered to their cars when they arrive at the store to get it, according to the shopkeeper.

For her part, Challinor said that she was on a five-minute break from her shift when the incident happened. The health worker said she pulled into a local Premier store to grab herself some drinks and crisps to munch on. Challinor narrated that, as she was about to go in, the shopkeeper asked her to wait until a customer comes out of the shop.

After a customer exited the shop, Challinor tried to enter again and it was then that the shopkeeper asked her what uniform is she wearing. The care provider told the shopkeeper her work and that was when the shopkeeper said she is not allowed into the shop.

Feeling Humiliated

Challinor said she felt so humiliated at being denied entry into the store for being a health care worker. She clarified that she is not trying to hurt the store but just wanted to make people aware of what happened to her so they could be spared the embarrassment. Challinor said she ended up leaving the store after a while.