A heart attack is one of the most life-threatening conditions that could affect anybody. It comes so sudden that many have already died from it. About 610,000 people in the United States die every year from a heart attack. The ratio translates into 1 in every 4 deaths.

During a heart attack, an individual’s coronary artery gets blocked, causing the heart muscle to starve of oxygen and blood. When this happens, the faster it is for one to bring the patient to a hospital, gives him a better chance of surviving. This is why it is a must for you to know the signs of an impending heart attack. You may be surprised that you can find a sign right on your eyes.

Signs in the Eyes

It must be noted that one of the primary conditions before the onset of a heart attack is consistent high blood pressure. When a person suffers from high blood pressure, the heart undergoes such a strain. This then increases your risk of a heart attack.

Signs in your eyes that tell you you are at risk of a heart attack
Signs in your eyes that tell you you are at risk of a heart attack mohamed_hassan - Pixabay

So how does this relate to the eyes? An assistant professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Dimitra Skonda, M.D. PhD., from the University of Chicago Medicine, said that “The ration between the size of retinal arteries to veins is supposed to be approximately two to three.”

Whenever you see that the artery is smaller than the vein, or the latter is dilated and bigger, it signals high blood pressure. The retina’s blood vessels may also get stiffer and more hardened, as per Dr. William White, an optometrist. White also explained that if the situation is at its worse, the blood vessels could start to leak. There would also be some hemorrhaging. These eye issues could bring in a range of problems with vision.

When any of the signs are evident, know that they are already considered as cardiovascular risk factors. This will tell you that you are at risk of a heart attack.

Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack

One of the ways that you can reduce your risk of preventing a heart attack is to lower blood pressure. You can do this by ensuring that you follow a healthy diet. Try to reduce the intake of alcohol and maintain a healthy weight.

Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats. Go for lean meat, fruits, and vegetables. Opt for foods rich in fiber. Once you do all these, you would be able to lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of a heart attack.