Style, but no life:
Three meals a day a rare treat for many, research says. Reuters

A busy lifestyle has cut down each Briton's three meals a day to two, research conducted by Benenden Health care Society concludes. The research was conducted on 2,000 adults to analyse the dietary habits of Britons.

According to the research, most of them compromise with their breakfast in their daily rush and prefer to pick at snacks at work. On an average, people in the UK only eat 11 meals a week and most of the time they are microwaved. The growing snacking culture resulted in people grabbing just two properly cooked meals a weak. People tend to choose snacks over lunch and dinner.

During the research, one in ten adults reported that, whenever they go out in the evening, they drop the idea of dinner and take alcohol. They even forget about the food the following the day, the Daily Mail reported.

The excuses vary from one person to another for their altered eating habits. Some are too busy or too lazy to cook. One group claims that they do not feel hungry in the morning.

A third of them do not feel hungry at work and tend to skip lunch whereas 30 per cent of them regularly go without lunch. Most of them wait till evening to enjoy their meal of the day.

Not only the hectic lifestyle, but also the obsession with the image, weight and waistlines make people choose such an unhealthy diet system. One in twenty Brits falls ill due to the poor quality of diet.

The hectic modern lifestyle does the average Brit absolutely no favours. Proper cooking is on the decrease, microwaveable foods are on the rise and the quality of our diet suffers enormously, the Daily Mail quoted Jane Cooper of Benenden Healthcare Society as saying.

This lifestyle can lead to a range of underlying health issues, resulting from a poor intake of key nutrition, she added.

Additionally, the lack of proper family meals or taking the time out to prepare a good spread means we lose the opportunity to unwind from the day's stresses and catch up with others, she said.