Mama June
Mama June Shannon, photographed at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in March 2013, is reportedly furious that TLC has not yet canceled "19 Kids and Counting" after reports surfaced that Josh Duggar had molested several children. Reuters

Mama June Shannon is feuding with TLC once again. The former reality star is reportedly prepared to sue the network, which canceled her family’s hit reality show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

According to TMZ, Mama June is demanding the network cancel “19 Kids and Counting” after news broke that star Josh Duggar had molested several children. The 36-year-old is claiming the allegations against the Duggar family are far worse than any she and her family faced in the past. Mama June wants to file a lawsuit against TLC for what she says is unfair treatement. The former pageant mom says she and her family are strapped for money since the unexpected cancellation of their show.

“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” was canceled in October 2014 within a few hours after photos of Mama June and her former boyfriend Mark McDaniel surfaced. McDaniel served 10 years in prison for molestation of a child. The mother of four has since addressed TLC’s lack of action in the Duggar family’s case on Twitter.

As we previously reported, Duggar is accused of being involved in an underaged sex scandal. He was turned over to authorities by his father, Jim Bob Duggar, after he witnessed him leaving the bedroom of a young girl and “learned something inappropriate happened,” a source told InTouch. The 27-year-old has admitted to acting “inexcusably,” adding that he “hurt others, including my family and close friends.” He also revealed that he initially confessed his “forcible fondling” to his parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in 2002. They arranged for both he and the victims to receive counselling.