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Tyler Posey and Keke Palmer have joined the cast of “Scream.” Getty Images

MTV’s “Scream” TV series started in 2015 and lasted for two seasons with the same cast before the network announced that it would be switching things up for the third season. A new cast and new characters would be introduced, a new story would take place and a new format for the series would be created.

Season 3 of the horror series will follow teen footballer Deion Elliot as he and his friends try to evade the murderous plans of a masked villain. The new season will premiere in March 2018 and will be six episodes long. The entire season will air as part of a three-night special event.

While the show’s viewers had just started getting close to the original cast members from the first two seasons, it looks like MTV is trying very hard to make it up to them by casting the new characters with other actors they’re sure to love or ones they already do.

Here’s who will be in the new season “Scream”:

Tyler Posey

Fresh off his six-season run as Scott McCall on “Teen Wolf,” which had its series finale on Sunday, Posey will be staying in the MTV family as he moves over to “Scream.” He’ll be playing the character of Shane, a party-promoting, drug-dealing high school dropout. That’s not all that Shane is, though. In order to know who Shane actually is as a person, people will have to put in the time to get to know him.

Keke Palmer

The versatile actress is going from “Scream Queens” to “Scream.” So, while she’s used to playing a character being chased by a murderer, this time there will be a little bit less humor to it all. She’ll play the beautiful and confident Kym who, though she cares a lot about others, won’t let anyone drag her down and get her killed during this crazy, murderous time.

RJ Cyler

The “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” actor will play the lead role of Deion, a football star set on getting out of Atlanta by getting a football scholarship. There are a few hiccups to this plan when a masked murderer with connections to his past sets his or her sights on Deion and his friends.

Jessica Sula

The former star of Freeform’s short-lived but loved “Recovery Road,” Sula will take on the role of Liv, the new girl at the high school. She’s part of the cheer squad and honor roll, but she’s far from perfect. Just like all the others in town, she has secrets. She quickly makes friends with Deion and the two are left to deal with all the horrors going on along with the others in Deion’s life.

Tyga (aka Michael Ray Stevenson)

This will be Tyga’s first TV series regular role and he’s being thrown right into the mayhem as Deion’s step-brother, Jamal. Though he has that tough-guy attitude, he cares a lot about others, especially Deion. His step-brother will need the support with a murderer loose in town.


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Giorgia Whigham

No longer new to the teen TV world as she played Kat in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” Whigham will now be portraying goth girl Beth on “Scream,” who’s the horror movie lover of the group. If there’s a movie with a murder in it, she knows all about it.


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Giullian Yao Gioiello

Gioiello stars as Manny, an openly gay student who’s the extremely smart one of the group. He’s loyal and strategic – two characteristics that might bring opposite outcomes when there’s a killer on the hunt.

C.J. Wallace

Staring death in the face causes Wallace’s character Amir to rethink the way he’s been living his life. Always listening to his strict parents and what they want for him instead of following his own heart and creating music isn’t something that he wants to do anymore. Life’s short, he realizes, and he wants to take full advantage of that — if he pulls through this chaos alive, that is.