Fox's long-running "The Simpsons" has had a knack for foreseeing future events. The popular animated series did it once again in regards to its own fate as it was confirmed Thursday that Walt Disney Company purchased 21st Century Fox assets in a $54.2 billion deal. "The Simpsons" predicted this would occur in 1998, however.

On the Season 10 episode "When You Dish Upon a Star," Homer Simpson works as a personal assistant to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, who were seeking to live under the radar in Springfield. A scene in the episode shows a sign on the outside of the 21st Century Fox building with the tagline, saying: "A Division Of Walt Disney Co." The foreshadowed incident becomes eerier once viewers see the inside of the studio, which shows a "Star Wars" poster on the wall in a room where filmmaker Ron Howard, the director of the standalone Han Solo movie slated to debut May 2018, is pitching films.

With 28 seasons under its belt, there have been more than a dozen occasions that the animated series has eerily predicted future worldly occurrences.

Donald Trump's Presidency

"The Simpsons" anticipated a Trump presidency in 2000, a prediction that surfaced 17 years ago. The episode titled "Bart to the Future" sees a grown-up Lisa Simpson taking over for Trump after the United States inherited "quite a budget crunch" during his time in office.

Greek Financial Crisis

The long-running animated series proved that it may a useful source to seek advice from regarding economics on the 2012 episode "Politically Inept," where showrunners predicted Greece's financial downfall. Homer appears on a show similar to Fox News when a headline appears across the screen on a news ticker, reading: "Europe puts Greece on eBay."

Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Performance

Lady Gaga's first-ever Super Bowl halftime performance occurred in February, but "The Simpsons" knew five years ago how things would play out. In the 2012 episode "Lisa Goes Gaga," the pop singer was attached to a rig and a harness as she flew above the audience. Not only did Lady Gaga benefit from a rig and harness during her Super Bowl performance in 2017, her outfit's color scheme seemingly resembled the one her animated-self wore in the cartoon.

Europe's Horse Meat Scandal

"The Simpsons" predicted Europe's horse meat scandal in 1994. Springfield Elementary School served its students horse meat for lunch on season five's nineteenth episode. About 20 years later, foods that were advertised as beef in Europe were discovered to be horse meat instead.

FIFA Corruption

The FIFA corruption scandal, which resulted in the arrests of soccer officials, was predicted by the show in the 2014 episode "You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee." Homer is approached by FIFA representatives in the episode to officiate the World Cup games, which was the organization's way of counterbalancing the corruption controversy. The episode, which aired three months before the men's World Cup, also predicted that year's winner: Germany.

Voting Machine Malfunction

Many states faced allegations that voting machines were rigged during the 2012 presidential election, where the machine changed an individual's vote for Barack Obama to Mitt Romney. This is a fate "The Simpsons" hinted at during its "Treehouse of Horror XIX" episode, but it instead featured a machine malfunction when Homer's vote for Obama changed to John McCain.