A pet dog in Texas proved why dogs are called "man’s best friend" as he gave up his life protecting his owners from a venomous snake.

Scooter, a 10-year-old terrier mix, was on patrol in the backyard of his home in Austin when he saw a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake slithering around. To save his family from a potential attack, the dog ran towards the snake and attacked it. Unfortunately, the canine was bitten in the neck by the reptile.

Brian Chaffe, the dog’s owner, told KVUE Thursday that he heard a loud yelp from the yard and rushed outside to find Scooter "walking funnily." Chaffe noticed a bite mark on the dog’s neck and rushed him to a nearby veterinary clinic where he was administered an antivenom. The dog was transferred to another pet hospital where he succumbed to the snake bite.

Chaffe said Scooter "died a hero" as his sons could have been the victims of a snake attack.

"We are sad. Our boys, 3 and 5, are very sad and keep asking if Scooter is coming back," Chaffe told the outlet.

In a Facebook post, Chaffe wrote, "Scooter was only 12 pounds but had the heart of a bear. Afraid of nothing and willing to give his life protecting us. Rest easy our lil guardian, Scooter."

Meanwhile, authorities with the Hill Country Snake Removal arrived at the home and safely rescued the reptile that was coiled up underneath the wooden deck.

"The snake was released far away from any homes to hopefully never run into another human or pet again," Hill Country Snake Removal said, News Observer reported.

Snake expert Brett Parker said he usually releases a snake within a mile of where it was caught.

"Most people don’t know or understand how rattlesnakes could possibly be beneficial but the fact is their main diet is rodents and the problems rattlesnakes cause pale in comparison to the problems rodents can cause. If at all possible call someone to remove and relocate the snake away from people," he told the outlet.

Representational image. Pixabay