A handout released by the New York Special Narcotics Prosecutor's Office show 136 lbs of cocaine seized by police in New York City, Dec. 17, 2015. Reuters

A major drug bust on Long Island, New York, led to the arrest and indictment of 36 people on Tuesday. One drug counselor, a woman seven months pregnant and a volunteer firefighter were all part of the so-called “110 Crew” running heroin along a busy Long Island highway.

The four women and 32 men allegedly distributed heroin that led to at least one death and 20 nonfatal overdoses, according to Long Island’s the Patch.

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“This is the poison that fed the addiction of hundreds or even thousands of neighbors, friends and relatives,” Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said at a press conference Tuesday.

The culmination of the nine month investigation dubbed “Operation Bundle Up” uncovered piles of weapons, thousands of bags of heroin and 18 luxury cars in which the dealers carried out their business. Some of the vehicles were equipped with hidden compartments to stow contraband.

“These individuals turned Route 110 into their own personal heroin highway,” said Singas.

By working in shifts, the group was able to distribute 4,000 bags per week, netting profits of up to $50,000, according to estimates by the district attorney. Of the 36 arrested, six were charged with operating as major traffickers which can carry a sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

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The heroin crisis has exploded on the island in recent years. Both of the two counties on Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk, have seen startling numbers of overdoses. More people were dying in Suffolk County from heroin overdoses than any other country in the state, a report issued in April found.

“We will not allow drug dealers to turn one of Long Island’s busiest thoroughfares into a heroin highway,” Singas said. “I thank all our law enforcement partners for their outstanding work in this investigation and for their commitment to confronting this epidemic with every tool at our disposal.”