In anticipation of a strain on the networks during the presidential inauguration, the major wireless carriers have updated the capacity of their networks, spending millions of dollars and preparing for months.

From an estimated traffic of 2 million people who have witness for the inauguration of Barack Obama, most of those people are presumably carrying a cell phone, and many will try to capture words and images to share with family and friends. This was such high volume of traffic, providers are getting crushed despite wireless networks preparation.

Truly, some congestion was still there and expected.

Some people reported delays in sending and receiving BlackBerry messages from Capitol Hill on Tuesday morning.

Verizon spokesman John Johnson says We've done virtually everything that can be done to add capacity to our existing network

But even the best network is like a highway system. We've added thousands of lanes, but millions of cars can still cause a traffic jam. Johnson added.

Industry experts says that the recent growth of smart phones which use 2G and 3G networks to access the Web and receive data, could slow things down even further.