• Donald Trump allegedly claimed that his middle initial "J" stands for genius
  • Donald Trump is at the center of an ongoing feud between reporters and a Republican pollster
  • Donald Trump has committed 188 spelling mistakes on Twitter since 2016

Donald Trump is at the center of an ongoing controversy between a reporter and a Republican pollster.

While attending the Golden Globes, Vanity Fair special correspondent Gabriel Sherman had a conversation with Frank Luntz, a Republican pollster.

Sherman asked Luntz when was the last time he saw President Trump, and he said that it was at the White House Christmas party. When Sherman asked Luntz what he and the POTUS talked about, he said that he asked Melania Trump’s husband what his middle initial stands for.

Luntz claimed that the POTUS said that “J” stands for genius. Obviously, the word genius doesn’t start with the letter j. So, Sherman wrote about the story for Vanity Fair.

Hours later, Luntz claimed that he was just joking about the POTUS not knowing how to spell the word genius.

“I’ve been telling this joke at parties for years, and @GabrielSherman is the first person to think it was real. That’s what happens when the media wants to spin anything as ‘Orange Man bad!’ Gonna be a long 5 more years…” he tweeted.

Nick Bilton, a fellow special correspondent at the publication, slammed Luntz for his unfounded joke. He also said that Sherman was not wrong to believe what he said because it sounded 100 percent plausible.

Bilton also accused Luntz of being scared for making fun of President Trump for years and potentially being called out this around. Luntz fired back by saying that he isn’t scared.

Even though the POTUS wasn’t the one who misspelled the word genius, it is not uncommon for him to commit spelling errors on Twitter. In fact, there are claims that the POTUS makes a spelling mistake every five days.

According to, the president of the United States has already committed 188 spelling mistakes on Twitter since he assumed office in 2016. However, the site did not take into account the POTUS’ errors in punctuations.