Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign rally at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, Nov. 7, 2016. Reuters

As the next president of the United States and first female elected to serve in the nation’s highest office, Hillary Clinton would have pushed one of the most extensive, liberal policy agendas in American history. Her reforms and proposed legislations would have touched everyday Americans in just about all aspects of their lives, from purchasing healthcare options, to attending college and fighting for equal pay among men and women.

But these are just some of the many promises Clinton promised during her years-long tenure on the campaign trail. Below are 100 promises the first female candidate for a major party made to the American people, via her campaign website and through multiple political debates and speeches along the campaign trail:

  1. The Clinton administration would not have increased taxes on the middle class, or the bottom 95 percent of the population.

  2. Clinton would have expanded comprehensive background checks to close the gun show loophole.

  3. She would have increased federal infrastructure spending over a 5-year period by $275 billion.

  4. Clinton would have supported increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $12 per hour.

  5. The Clinton administration would have rejected bad trade deals, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  6. As the first female president, Clinton would have vowed to fight for equal pay.

  7. Clinton had promised to overturn Citizens United, a landmark Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited Super PAC spending.

  8. The Clinton administration would have protected President Barack Obama’s milestone healthcare legislation, the Affordable Care Act, as well as improved upon it.

  9. Clinton vowed to provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants residing in the United States.

  10. The Clinton administration would have also passed comprehensive immigration reform.

  11. Families earning less than $125,000 would have been able to send students to in-state schools without paying any tuition.

  12. The government would have been left out of decisions regarding late-term abortions for pregnant women.

  13. Clinton would have protected Planned Parenthood funding, and expanded access to women’s healthcare.

  14. The Clinton administration would have nominated Supreme Court justices who would protect Roe V. Wade, the decision that made legal abortions a right for all women.

  15. Clinton said she “won’t add a penny” to the national debt if she were elected.

  16. The Clinton administration would have fought systemic racism in employment and education.

  17. Clinton pledged to sign the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would have made it illegal to discriminate in hiring and employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

  18. Gender identity would have been included in all federal non-discrimination laws.

  19. The tax loopholes Clinton’s opponent Donald Trump used to avoid paying income taxes would have been closed.

  20. Clinton vowed to pass comprehensive criminal justice reform.

  21. The Clinton administration would have spent $10 billion toward ending the epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction.

  22. Clinton also vowed to spend $1 billion per year toward ending the nation’s opioid epidemic.

  23. Every American student would have received some level of computer science education.

  24. All Americans would have been able to attend college debt-free.

  25. Fracking would have expanded so long as all environmental regulations are met.

  26. Nuclear power would have expanded under a Clinton administration in order to combat climate change.

  27. Clinton would have spent $60 billion toward ensuring America becomes a clean energy superpower.

  28. Clinton would have spent at least $500 million toward solar-powered energy in her first four years.

  29. The Clinton administration would have established an American Parks Trust Fund.

  30. The federal government would have ensured Flint, Michigan, receives access to clean water if the state cannot.

  31. The United States would join with the rest of the world in providing paid family leave to workers.

  32. The Clinton administration would have devised long-term strategies to end nuclear proliferation.

  33. America would have accepted 65,000 Syrian refugees so long as they were properly vetted.

  34. The Clinton administration would have worked to cooperate with Russia and interject if necessary.

  35. She would have fought against China’s illegal dumping of steel and aluminum.

  36. Clinton repeatedly vowed not be bound to ties with Wall Street or Super PACs.

  37. Gun manufacturer’s immunity from lawsuits would have been reversed.

  38. Clinton would have called for certain restraints to online gun sales.

  39. Clinton would have expanded on mental health access and early intervention for mental diagnoses.

  40. The Veteran’s Administration would have expanded support and comprehensive reform to enter the 21st century.

  41. Clinton would have rejected privatizing the Veteran’s Administration.

  42. The Clinton administration would have continued to support NATO allies.

  43. Clinton would have called on government whistleblower Edward Snowden to face charges in United States.

  44. The Clinton administration would have worked with the Muslim community to combat ISIS.

  45. The Clinton administration would have only focused on deportations in regard to violent criminals.

  46. Clinton vowed to add 10 million jobs to the United States workforce.

  47. Latinos would also have seen higher wages and more job opportunities under the new administration.

  48. The Clinton administration would have expanded Social Security access to those in need.

  49. Clinton also promised to maintain the Social Security age to 65.

  50. Carried interest would have been banned under new federal guidelines.

  51. Capital gains tax would have only raised by a maximum of 20 percent.

  52. Clinton would have supported new space initiatives.

  53. The Clinton administration would have joined forces with Silicone Valley to combat online terrorism and terrorism encryption.

  54. Clinton would have continued to combat ISIS in Libya, Europe and in other international regions.

  55. The administration would also have worked with allies to fight homegrown terror.

  56. Clinton would continue to have supported the Iran nuclear deal, but only under careful observation.

  57. U.S. troops would not serve as an occupying force in Iraq.

  58. Clinton would support certain no-fly zone policies to combat ISIS.

  59. Clinton would have ended racial targeting and profiling against Muslim-Americans.

  60. The Clinton administration would have fought against “unconstitutional” state stop-and-frisk policies.

  61. Corporations and big business would have been required to pay their taxes.

  62. The Clinton administration would have expanded job and trade skill programs.

  63. She would have increased lending options to small businesses.

  64. The Clinton administration would support universal preschool for American families.

  65. Clinton would expand opportunities for Americans with disabilities, including further support and investment toward the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  66. Tax relief would have gone toward families with members suffering from chronic illness or disabilities.

  67. The Clinton administration would support telemedicine.

  68. Clinton would support family farms and provide a safety net for families to budget through difficult times.

  69. The former secretary of state promised to spur investment in rural areas and expand the New Markets Tax Credit.

  70. The Clinton Administration would support the expansion of Medicare.

  71. Clinton said “Make it in America” partnerships would expand American infrastructure.

  72. Clinton said the hardest hit manufacturing communities would receive new investments.

  73. Clinton wanted to fight against China abusing global trade rules.

  74. The Clinton administration wanted to crack down on American companies shipping jobs overseas.

  75. Clinton wanted American manufacturing standards to ensure more products are made domestically.

  76. The Clinton administration wanted to fully implement National HIV/AIDS strategy.

  77. Clinton would have capped the amount of out-of-pocket spending families use on HIV/AIDS medicine.

  78. Clinton wanted to extend Medicaid coverage to provide life-saving health care to people living with HIV.

  79. She wanted to reform outdated, stigmatizing HIV criminalization laws.

  80. Clinton wanted to increase the number of people on HIV treatment worldwide.

  81. Clinton wanted to create a defense budget that reflects good stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

  82. She would have worked with local states to curb skyrocketing rental costs in areas of opportunity.

  83. Clinton vowed to remove barriers to sustainable homeownership.

  84. The Clinton administration wanted to provide funding to match up to $10,000 in savings for working families to put towards a down payment on a first home.

  85. Clinton wanted to couple housing-assistance programs with efforts to revitalize the economy in low-income communities.

  86. The Clinton administration would have provided local governments the resources and flexibility to make the scalable, multi-block investments needed for these communities to rehabilitate and rebuild.

  87. New federal legislation would have been created to require outside groups to publicly disclose significant political spending.

  88. Clinton wanted to establish a small-donor matching system for presidential and congressional elections to give small donors greater influence.

  89. The Clinton White House wanted to provide a $50 billion investment in youth employment programs, reentry support for the formerly incarcerated, and entrepreneurship and small-business growth in underserved communities.

  90. Clinton wanted to provide tax relief for working families, including by doubling the Child Tax Credit to a maximum of $2,000 for young children while expanding access to millions more families.

  91. Clinton wanted to provide tax incentives to increase the supply of affordable housing in high-cost areas.

  92. The Clinton administration wanted to provide local governments the resources and flexibility to make scalable investments needed to rehabilitate communities that have been left out and left behind.

  93. Clinton wanted to ensure that no family has to spend more than 10 percent of its income on child care.

  94. The Clinton White House would have set bold national goals to eliminate lead poisoning within five years, protect public health and safety by modernizing drinking and wastewater systems.

  95. Clinton wanted to work toward preventing, effectively treating and making a cure possible for Alzheimer’s disease by 2025.

  96. Big banks and financial companies would have been required to pay a fee based on their size and their risk of contributing to another crisis.

  97. Clinton would have enhanced transparency and reduce volatility in the "shadow banking system."

  98. The Clinton administration wanted to impose a tax on harmful high-frequency trading and reform rules to make our stock markets fairer, more open, and transparent.

  99. The Clinton White House wanted to extend the statute of limitations for prosecuting major financial frauds, enhance whistleblower rewards, and provide the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission with more resources to prosecute wrongdoing.

  100. Clinton wanted to protect all civil rights and liberties, including LGBT rights.