UPDATE: Sep. 21, 2017 9:53 a.m. EDT – The Holly Bobo murder trial reached what was expected to be its final day Thursday after nine days of testimony in the courtroom. Closing arguments were set to begin at around 10 a.m. and last until noon, according to WTVF's Chris Conte. The jury would start deliberating in the trial after a lunch break. Watch the closing arguments in the live stream below.

UPDATE: Sep. 20, 2017 9:20 a.m. EDT – The Holly Bobo murder trial continued into its eighth day Wednesday as the defense continued to call more witnesses to the stand. The defense was expected to rest its case by early Thursday, according to WTVF.

Watch testimony from the eighth day of the trial live below.

Original story:

The trial for the man accused of the kidnapping, rape and murder of Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo in 2011 continued into its eighth day Tuesday as the defense took the stand. Prosecutors in Savannah, Tennessee, rested their case Monday against 33-year-old Zachary Adams.

The defense began calling witnesses in the case, including the mother of a former suspect and a sex offender who was initially thought to have committed the crime. The defense was attempting to make the case that Terry Britt, a convicted sex offender, was the person who killed Bobo.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had said during the trial that they initially thought Britt was the one who had committed the crime. Britt, who remained behind bars for the 2008 kidnapping and attempted rape of another woman, was called to the stand Monday.  He remained adamant that he had never met Bobo or any members of her family.

On the stand, the defense questioned Britt about what happened when investigators showed up to question him about Bobo’s disappearance.

“Do you remember saying that Holly Bobo had a somewhat perfect body, like a toy, some would say?” the defense asked Britt.

“I didn’t say perfect body toy,” Britt responded. “I said she was, from the picture they had on the wall while I was in the store, I said she looked good. Probably somebody, whoever got her, got her for a sex slave.”

The defense asserted that Britt knew the area where Bobo went missing as well as the areas where Bobo’s belongings and remains were ultimately found. They also stated that Britt had purchased industrial tools, including a chainsaw, in the days before Bobo vanished and that his computer records showed he frequently looked at rape and kidnapping pornography.

Britt’s wife has maintained that her husband was with her the entire time on the day Bobo went missing. In addition, Adams’ mother stated she believed Britt was the one who killed Bobo.

The trial can be live streamed here.

Watch the previous days’ testimony from prosecution here.