A woman was beaten up and her granddaughters sexually assaulted during a home invasion in Mississippi on Saturday.

The accused, identified as 46-year-old Keith Lamar Reeder, forced his way into the home on Saturday afternoon. He tied up the 54-year-old homeowner in a bedroom and brutally beat her. The accused then tied up the woman’s two granddaughters and sexually assaulted them. The girls were reportedly 12 or younger.

When the unidentified homeowner called 911 after managing to free herself, the accused beat her again. Police, however, arrived at the home within minutes and were told the accused was in the attic. The officers rushed to the attic and found Reeder naked. When an officer tried to arrest Reeder, he fought with him, which led to both of them falling through the ceiling. They were not seriously injured.

The accused was taken into custody and charged with multiple offenses including home invasion, aggravated assault with a weapon, kidnapping, rape, sexual battery and child abuse. He was being held at Rankin County Detention Center without bond.

Meanwhile, the unidentified homeowner, who was seriously injured, was being treated at a hospital and her granddaughters were examined and released.

Pearl Police Chief Dean Scott called it a “very heinous crime” and said the accused had a long criminal history. Investigation was ongoing and it wasn’t clear if the victims and the accused knew each other.

Representational image of a handcuffed man. SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images

The incident occurred months after a California woman was sexually assaulted by an intruder as she slept next to her husband. The unidentified man broke into the residence and entered a dark room where the woman and her husband were sleeping. The man started sexually assaulting the woman who woke up and called out to her husband. The accused immediately fled the scene. Police said there were chances the accused didn’t realize the husband was there because the room was completely dark.

In another incident last year, a man attempted to sexually assault a woman on knifepoint after forcing his way into her home in Virginia. The woman, however, managed to fight off the intruder and suffered cuts and bruises on her arms and face.