After discovering her life is on the line, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) decides to send her daughter to the U.S. at the opening of "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3, “Super Powers.” Her boyfriend Jonas (Alexander Fehling) reveals since returning from Lebanon, a trip which nearly resulted in her death, she barely has been sleeping or eating.

Meanwhile, Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) meets with Carrie’s boss, Otto During (Sebastian Koch), to talk to him about his near assassination in Lebanon — seemingly unaware the During Foundation leader was at risk only because of Carrie’s presence as his head of security. Saul does, however, say he thinks Carrie had something to do with the explosion. Saul asks to see Carrie, but During says she’s unavailable. 

After dropping off her daughter at the airport, During makes it known to Carrie that Saul is looking for her. Free from her job until she finds out who is after her, she begins her search. Carrie reveals to Jonas she does her best work when she’s off of her bipolar medication. When Jonas asks if she plans to stop taking her medication, Carrie reveals she hasn’t taken it in days. She starts her investigation by surrounding herself with photos of those she has wronged, making an enemies list. 

Homeland_503_2407 Allison Carr (Miranda Otto, center) searches for Carrie (Claire Danes, not pictured) in a scene from "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3. Also pictured: Gregor (Max Mauf, left) and Mills (Micah Hauptman). Photo: Showtime/Stephan Rabold

Meanwhile, Berlin Station Chief Allison Carr (Miranda Otto) begins her search for Carrie. Her search is cut short when Saul shows up, letting her know he’s aware she tried to go behind his back by reaching out to Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham). Saul calls her “cold and calculating” in her efforts to take him down, saying, “If you aim to kill, don’t miss.” Despite previously telling her she would be sent back to the U.S. to appease the Germans, he changes his mind. He says he is going to keep her on the case in Berlin and find someone else to send home in her place. It is later revealed Saul and Allison are in a relationship.

But Allison isn’t only tailing Carrie, her men are also seen watching over During American journalist Laura Sutton (Sarah Sokolovich). When they discover a fire drill at the During Foundation is happening, Allison sends her men to look for Carrie and Laura. In the crowd Laura catches the eye of hacktivist Numan (Atheer Adel), who motions for her to follow him. Laura tells Numan she will protect him and he hands over a drive holding the rest of the hacked documents. The drive turns out to be blank.

As Jonas and Carrie continue their search to find out who is trying to kill her, it is revealed Carrie has killed over 100 people. Jonas starts to crack under the pressure. “I don’t know how you live with yourself,” Jonas tells her before leaving their apartment. Looking at the images of her possible enemies posted on her walls, Carrie begins to breakdown. Despite previously announcing she was sober, she begins to drink alcohol and promptly hallucinates one of her past victims — Aayan (Suraj Sharma) from Season 4

Homeland_503_5519 Carrie (Claire Danes) tries to make an enemies list in "Homeland" Season 5, episode 3. Photo: Showtime/Stephan Rabold

When Carrie rants at a picture of Haissam Haqqani (Numan Acar), the terrorist leader she failed to bring to justice in Season 4, Aayan reappears, telling her his uncle is not behind the explosion. When Jonas comes back to the apartment, Carrie informs him she has figured out who is after her. “It’s all of them,” she says. “The sum of my sins. Each a dot on a canvas, avenging angels.” In a hysterical state, Carrie rants that she can no longer atone for her sins. Jonas decides to give Carrie her medicine. She initially refuses but gives in when he threatens to call an ambulance.

While Carrie struggles with her own demons, her former lover, assassin Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend), appears to be on the hunt for his next target, a target whose identity was not revealed at the end of episode 2. He begins to tail a German mother and kidnaps her son, telling him he’s under arrest for shoplifting. When the mother reaches out to the boy’s father to tell him what’s happened, it is revealed the father is Jonas. Quinn tracks Jonas’ burner phone and is able to uncover Carrie’s location. Quinn ditches the boy in the car and goes to Carrie.

When Jonas tells Carrie the police have no record of his son being in custody, Carrie tells him its a trap and they must flee their apartment. When she calls his son merely a “pawn” in the game, Jonas becomes upset and drives off. Carrie runs for the woods alone with a gun in tow. 

When it turns dark, Carrie spots a car pulling up her driveway. When the hooded individual gets close enough, Carrie unknowingly shoots Quinn. Despite being shot, Quinn manages to attack Carrie from behind and sedates her.

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