Peter Quinn's (Rupert Friend) fate was left up in the air in the "Homeland' Season 5 finale. Pictured: Quinn and Carrie (Claire Danes) in a scene from episode 12. Showtime

“Homeland” fans were left with a massive cliffhanger following the Season 5 finale. While it appears viewers will have to wait until Season 6 to find out if Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) is alive or dead, the Showtime show’s social media accounts are making it seem like there is still hope for the assassin.

Following episode 12’s conclusion Sunday night, the “Homeland” Twitter account launched the hashtag "#PrayForQuinn," making many fans question if it’s possible he could make a recovery. As viewers will remember, terrorists exposed Quinn to poisonous gas in Season 5. Carrie (Claire Danes) found him before he succumbed to its effects and he was treated by doctors, but the professionals made it clear his future wouldn’t be bright if he pulled through, revealing he had suffered a massive brain hemorrhage.

In the finale, Carrie was revealed to be Quinn’s beneficiary. Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) handed her a letter in which Quinn confessed his love to her. The final scenes showed Carrie sitting by Quinn’s hospital bed. After locking the door to his room and placing his heart monitor onto her own finger, a ray of light shined into the room. The episode ended with Carrie smiling down at Quinn.

While the episode gave no insight into Quinn’s status – and showrunner Alex Gansa has reportedly declined to do interviews post-finale this year – viewers have taken to guessing if the fan-favorite character will return for Season 6. While some believe the light in Quinn's hospital room was him watching over Carrie from above, others are speculated the light represents Carrie’s change of heart about Quinn’s condition. Other viewers are questioning whether Carrie’s final meeting with Quinn was all a dream, noting the scene in the finale when she visited a chapel and pushed on her injured hand, blurring her vision.

Showtime announced Season 6 of “Homeland” this month. The new episodes will premiere in 2016, though an official release date has not been revealed.

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