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Recovering from a cesarean birth requires much attention and support in order for you to heal properly and within a shorter period of time. A cesarean birth is traumatic to the tissues, muscles, and fascia, and to your emotional body as well. However, there are some nutritional guidelines which can truly make the difference in the healing process and having you feel better physically and emotionally.

Try to refrain from bending over, going up and down stairs, lifting or pulling, or exerting force of any kind for a least one week postpartum. The recommendation is to stay in bed for a two-week period, eating a diet of very nourishing warm teas and soups, the richer the better. Avoid cold beverages or foods that can constipate you like pasta and bread.

Natural Ways to Help You Heal
All of the supplements mentioned below can be taken for any length of time and do not affect breast milk in any negative way.

1. When a cesarean is performed on a woman's body, many layers of muscles tissue are separated and pulled away from each other after the initial incision. What is then created is muscle trauma, which leads to bruising and inflammation of the sensitive tissues and organs.
Suggested Remedy: Arnica Montana 12c or 30c.
The suggested dose of this homeopathic remedy is 5 pellets under the tongue every 15 minutes for the first hour, and five pellets an hour every hour following. This will send messages to the tissues to repair and will dramatically increase the speed of healing.

2. Another supplement that it is imperative to take is an anti-inflammatory enzyme product.
Suggested Remedy: Enzymedica makes an effective product called Repair. Bromelain and Ginger extract will also help.
These types of anti-inflammatory enzymes work to digest the excess proteins that collect around wounds or traumas, essentially digesting the surrounding inflammation and speeding up effectiveness of healing.These enzymes should not be eaten with food, but can be taken every 2-3 hours.

3. Your first bowel movement may be uncomfortable and gas pains can be quite acute after surgery.
Suggested Remedy: A liquid essential fatty acid such as flax, borage, primrose blend, or hemp oil.
These oils help dramatically with the passing of bowels, which can be a very sensitive issue, especially if you have experienced any hemorrhoids, or a long pushing period. Essential fatty acids also serve to relax your nerves and help to balance your hormones. The recommended dosage is one tablespoon twice a day, and can be taken with food or on an empty stomach.

4. You may have been treated with antibiotics before or after your surgery. The shock of a surgical procedure can also upset your immune system.
Suggested Remedy: A probiotic product with a multitude of different types of strains.
These are active cultures that are in yogurt, but a specific probiotic should be taken in order to support the body to come back into while taking antibiotics and afterwards.

5. The following homeopathics are useful for the various complaints you may have to deal with after surgery. 30c strength every 2 hours for six days:

  • Arnica Montana 30c - Treats bruising and relieves pain, reduces bleeding
  • Staphysagria 30c - Promotes healing
  • Bellis Perennis - for deep tissue trauma
  • Raphanus or Carbo Vegetalis - For constipation or painful gas
  • Calendula - for bruising and swelling