House of Cards Season 3 spoilers
Prepare for Season 3 of "House of Cards" by checking out 12 fun facts as told by Beau Willimon. Netflix/House of Cards

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve been scouring the Internet for Season 3 scoop on the “House of Cards” the moment you finished the series’ theatrical second season. And we don’t blame you -- the Netflix original TV show is truly addicting. Politics, sex, murder -- what’s not to love about the Beau Willimon drama?

And according to the mastermind himself, his upcoming season will be just as -- if not more -- nail-biting then his previous two.

“WAIT FOR IT,” Willimon said in a tweet when asked to describe Season 3 in three words. We know, we know -- it’s pretty ambiguous but luckily for fans, Willimon strayed from his scant ways when he and the cast of “House of Cards” participated in a round of #ASKHOC.

The showrunner answered several questions from die-hard fans through the Twitter-sphere to help prepare viewers for what’s to come in Season 3 as well as answered a few personal questions, because like Frank Underwood said himself, “There’s no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than with a flood of the naked truth.”

This is what we learned:

1. “HoC” was based on the novels of Michael Dobbs and a BBC version which aired in the 1990s.

2. Creating just one episode of “HoC” might take longer than you think! “2 weeks to break an episode. 2 weeks for 1st draft. Another 3 or 4 weeks to rewrite. The multiple drafts thereafter,” Willimon explained about the lengthy process.

3. Season 3 of “HoC” will begin filming in “just a few weeks.”

4. The hardest scene for Willimon to write was “Claire describing her sexual assault w/ Francis in Ep2, S2. Worked closely with Robin and went thru many drafts.”

5. “HoC” has intentionally created a strict color palette “to give the show a more classic and dramatic look.” So, yeah… there’s a reason Claire is always sporting a dark wardrobe if you happened to notice.

6. Willimon confessed killing off Kate Mara’s character, Zoe, was a necessity. “Always knew I was going to do it first ep of Seas 2, well before I assembled the room for Season One!” he explained.

7. Did you know that Willimon references real-life news in “HoC”? “We always keep an eye on the news, but we don’t rip from headlines,” the showrunner admitted. He also added that his portrayal of the media is made to be as accurate and authentic as possible. “[I] talk to lots of reporters and follow media trends closely.”

8. Don’t think we forgot about you, Cashew fans! Willimon was totally on board with the idea of a Cashew reality show! “I think a Cashew reality show would be pretty great: GUINEA PIG DYNASTY?” Hear, hear!

9. If you’re wondering if “HoC” will have the same ending as the original BBC series… think again! “We’re telling our own story at this point. We don’t use the BBC version for guidance in terms of the plot,” Willimon revealed.

10. Curious to who Willimon based Frank off of? The answer may surprise you – or make you laugh. “Not any one politician in particular. But LBJ, FDR, Nixon, Jefferson, Napoleon, Richard III… just to name a few.” I think he made his point!

11. Willimon’s favorite scene to write was episode Chapter 22. “It was a joy to writer the Freddy episode,” he confessed. “I liked discovering his life outside the rib joint.”

12. Did you know “HoC” consists of six writers? “Ultimately I make the final decisions, but it’s a very collaborative process,” the showrunner said.

What did you think of Willimon’s responses? Chime in with your own thoughts and predictions for Season 3 of “House of Cards” in the comments section below.