Patricia Clarkson
Patricia Clarkson’s Jane Davis might change her mind about working for Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) in “House of Cards” Season 6. In this photo, the actress attends the 89th Academy Awards - Oscars Vanity Fair Party in Beverly Hills, California on Feb. 26, 2017. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

As much as she respects Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), Jane Davis (Patricia Clarkson) surprisingly turned down an offer for a cabinet position in “House of Cards” Season 5.

Does this mean that Jane is going to be out in Season 6? As far as Clarkson is concerned, the answer is no. “She could also change her mind, which could also be a surprise. Jane lives for the fight, for the unexpected, and I don’t know if she could ever live a structured life,” Clarkson told Vulture. “She has incredible discipline and she has a powerful life. I just don’t know if she could ever sit behind a desk from 9 to 5 ever.”

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Clarkson added that Jane really thinks highly of Claire, so she might be persuaded to change her mind about working with her in the future. “I think Jane views most people as simple-minded, but I think in Claire she’s found a true companion, patriot, and intellectual equal, which is rare for Jane,” she said.

Should the series push through, executive producer Melissa James Gibson told TV Line that Claire would be taking on a bigger role and addressing the audience more.

“We were trying, in a disciplined way, to navigate that shift at the end of last season [when Claire first talked to the camera] and not overplay it [this season],” she explained. “But I think it’s inevitable that that will need to be explored further [in Season 6].”

Her co-executive producer Frank Pugliese said the question they have to answer now is how to do just that. “I don’t think she’s going to do it the way Francis (Kevin Spacey) did it. How she does it could be really exciting,” he said.

Pugliese said Frank talks to the audience in order to “campaign” and seek “allegiance” from viewers, but “Claire’s needs from the audience are unique to her.” “We want Francis and Claire to be equal but different,” he said.

However, Claire would have to be very wary of her husband because he already threatened to kill her if she does not pull her own weight.

“House of Cards” Season 5 premiered on Netflix on May 30.