House of Cards
One of the biggest misconceptions about “House of Cards,” according to its showrunners, is that it borrows storylines from reality. Netflix

People often compare the Netflix show “House of Cards” to reality, and many even suspect that the show’s storylines are inspired by current events. However, showrunners Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson recently said that nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, it’s reality that takes its cues from the show.

When The Hollywood Reporter asked what the biggest misconception about the show is, Gibson answered, “That it’s heightened. Over the course of five seasons, the real world has stolen the writers room storylines on many occasions. The frustrating part is that sometimes the real world goes to air first.”

Still, Gibson added that he would love to one day get President Donald Trump to join the show. However, the show’s cast and creator might be unhappy if this happens. Beau Willimon earlier ranted about the president on Twitter and even urged the social media site to take Trump’s account down.

As for Neve Campbell, who plays LeAnn Harvey in the series, she said that Trump’s administration is the reason why it was “exhausting” to shoot Season 5.

She earlier said that the show has an obligation to give an honest view of politics. However, because of what Trump’s administration is doing, Campbell said that the show now needs to top the crazy happenings in reality. “That’s just it! The challenge this year is if you were to actually write what’s really going on, you would say it was over the top. ‘House of Cards’ has jumped the shark, right? Yeah, the current administration is pretty fascinating, and it’s a scary time at the moment,” she told KTVA.

Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey, who plays the formidable Frank Underwood, also shared his co-star’s sentiments. “Some time between when we shoot [the season] and then the series drops, one or two or three or five or six things that we adventured in and described and played happen in the real world,” he told Digital Spy. “And we always go, ‘People are gonna think that we stole it from the headlines,’ but actually it’s the other way round.”

“House of Cards” Season 5 premiered May 30 on Netflix. There is no word yet regarding Season 6.