The hugely popular movie franchise “Star Trek” now has its own internship for undergraduate and graduate students nationwide.

Created by CBS Television Studios and the Television Academy Foundation as part of the Foundation's education program, the “Star Trek” Command Training Program will “champion the core values of inclusion, access, and opportunity,” according to the program’s description. 

Two students will be selected during the 2020 summer semester, and they will help with the production process of the “Star Trek” universe by becoming “actively engaged in the writers’ room, wardrobe design, onset production, animation, and post-production.” The lucky students will also earn up to $4,800.

According to the official rules, students who are selected will have to find their own housing and pay for living expenses. They also will have to find transportation to work. If you require financial aid, you may be able to receive a housing stipend.

The application period for the “Star Trek” Command Training Program will open on Nov. 14 at 3 p.m. PST, and close on Jan. 21, 2020. 

To apply click here. You will have to submit a 750-word professional statement discussing your interest in the program, a resume, two letters of recommendation addressed to the internship committee and official transcripts from up to three colleges. 

Foundation chair Madeline DiNonna shared in an official statement just how excited she is to be able to implement this internship. “This partnership is an extraordinary opportunity to provide students with remarkable on-the-job training and experience in a creative environment that embodies intersectionality onscreen and behind the camera,” she said. “The success of our foundation alumni is a testament to the impact of our educational programs, and considering the values inherent in this new program, we have even greater expectations for the students whose careers will be jumpstarted with this new internship experience.”