Glasses are a great accessory to add dimension and detail to your face. Picking the perfect pair, depending on your face shape, can make or break your style. Whether you need glasses to see properly or you’re just using it as an accessory, it's a super cool item to always have in your bag.

The common misconception is that a high-quality frame comes with a hefty price tag. Warby Parker begs to differ. This company offers a wide array of stylish frames for as low as $95 with lenses included. From glasses, sunglasses, to contact lenses, they got you covered (no pun intended).

To help you out, here is a definitive guide to grabbing a sweet pair of frames and rock the socks out of them. Let’s dive into it!

Determine your Face Shape

There are three basic face shapes -- square, round and oval -- that you are most likely to fit into. The easiest way is to look in the mirror and trace the outline of your face with a whiteboard pen. Whatever shape you see there is your face shape.

Once you have done that, you can now pick your frame depending on your face shape with this guide.

Round: A round face needs frames that are wider than they are taller. The more rectangular the frame, the more structured they will look. The rectangle shape will make your face look longer and make you look great.

Rectangle Frames Rectangular frames are great for round faves Photo: Pxhere

Square: If you have a very square face and jawline, a round or cat-eye lens will soften those features and give you a rounded look. The rounder the frame, the more incredible you will look.

Round Frames Round frames are great for squared faces Photo: Pxhere

Oval: Look for symmetry if you have an oval-shaped face. An aviator frame will make you look fantastic. However, most styles work well with this face shape.

Aviator Frames Aviators are great for those who have oval shapes Photo: Pxhere

The important thing to remember is to choose glasses that are the right proportion to your face shape. You will need to balance out your natural shape with something that contrasts with it. For example, squared-off frames are best for rounder shapes, while softer edges work best with square faces.

Warby Parker can help you here too. You can download their app to buy yourself an extra pair. You can also use the app to try out different frames virtually to see which one suits you best. Every frame comes with blue-light filtering lenses, but you can choose prescription lenses if you need them instead. You can also try out five frames at your home for free!

This will help you choose the best frame for your face shape.

With every purchase of a pair of frames, Warby will donate another set of glasses to help someone in need. So far, the company has distributed over seven million pairs of glasses by working with a handful of partners worldwide. For every pair of Warby frames purchased, they give a pair of glasses to someone in need.

Your search for the best pair of glasses ends here. It really boils down to trial and error. But with these general guidelines, the next time you can pick some amazing frames that will boost your style.