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Here's how you can better manage your email. Unsplash (CC0)

Did you know that our beloved email has turned 50 years old this year?

For the last five decades, email has significantly changed and improved how we work and communicate with each other. In business, email has already become an essential communication tool that’s utilized daily.

Yet, for something so transformative and important, plenty of us are still guilty of having messy, bloated inboxes. This is despite our daily routine of receiving, opening and replying to emails.

Studies have shown that this bad habit can lead to negative effects:

  • Email is a distraction
  • Email spills into non-work hours

Luckily, a simple way to combat this is efficient email management and making sure your inbox is always clean.

When it comes to cleaning your inbox, no other software does it better than Clean Email. Here’s how.

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According to studies, piles of unwanted emails can distract and keep us from being productive. Unsplash (CC0)

How to Delete Emails All at Once

Mass deleting emails can be very overwhelming and can even be a sensory overload. Fortunately, Clean Email was developed to help you. Meant to organize emails without compromising or reading its contents, Clean Email allows you to remove, archive, label or delete your emails with a single app.

Aiming for a "zero inbox?" Here’s how you can delete all emails at once using Clean Email:

1. Visit Clean Email

Open your Clean Email account. If you don’t have one yet, they have an easy and simple registration process, just sign up by clicking here.

2. Log-in with your account

Once you have signed up, log in and connect all your emails to Clean Email. The app offers wide integration so you can easily organize all the emails you'll receive, whether it’s from Gmail, Yahoo!, ProtonMail or AOL.

3. Open Your Inbox

Your inbox is found on the menu’s left panel. From here, you can also choose between Quick Clean, Auto Clean, Unsubscribe or Read Later. You also get the smart views drop-down menu that organizes emails for you by type.

4. Choose Emails You Want to Delete

Next, open any message from the sender whose emails you want to clear from your inbox. It’s important to note that Clean Email lets you choose whether you just want to delete emails from a specific sender or a whole inbox like Gmail. Once you've made your choice, Clean Email will automatically select all the messages that you’ve received from the email addresses you've specified.

5. Delete Emails

Click ‘delete’ to clear your inbox. Once you do this, the app’s bulk organizer will give you the option to automatically apply the same action in the future to all of the new messages that you'll receive. As a result, you'll be able to enjoy better inbox management.

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Clean Email is a simple but powerful email organizing tool.

Clean Email Features

Designed by people who go through hundreds of emails like you, Clean Email is a sorting and inbox zero organization tool that helps you stay on top of all your emails.

One of today’s top email cleaning apps, Clean Email helps you get rid of all the emails that you no longer need. It also offers a lot of other useful features to keep your workflow smooth and keep you focused.

Its built-in tools help you by:

  • Unsubscribing from emails that you don’t want
  • Blocking unwelcome senders
  • Deleting, moving, archiving or labeling large email groups all at once
  • Saving important emails to the “Read Later” folder
  • Automating management of various repetitive email tasks
  • Quickly organize all your emails into easy-to-view bundles
  • Check if your email address has been compromised on the internet

Through these features, Clean Email keeps all of your inboxes immaculately organized, which helps your productivity and enables you to focus better.

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Some of the features you get from Clean Email.


As for pricing, Clean Email is affordable. They offer three pricing plans, which are:

  • 1 account ($9.99/month)
  • 5 accounts ($19.99/month)
  • 10 accounts ($29.99/month)

Subscribing to Clean Email gives you unlimited access to all of its current features as well as future features that they will eventually introduce. There’s also a FREE trial which you can avail so you get a feel of how it works before committing.

Clean Email Verdict

Email is a major communication tool that can unfortunately lead to an overflowing inbox filled with unwanted messages.

Fortunately, Clean Email helps you break away from that and give you a set of tools to help increase your productivity for an affordable price. Say "goodbye" to inbox clutter and focus on the emails that matter most.

Ready to take control of your email? Sign-up to Clean Email by clicking here.