Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle has changed Prince Harry for the better. Pictured: Prince Harry and Markle visit the Eikon Centre and attend an event to mark the second year of the youth-led peace-building initiative 'Amazing the Space' on March 23, 2018 in Lisburn, Nothern Ireland. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kept a low profile during the first few months of their relationship.

The couple, who are getting married in May, have successfully kept their romance a secret from the public for six months. According to royal biographer Katie Nicholl in her book, "Harry: Life, Loss and Love," the "Suits" star and the Duke made it with the help of Markle's best friend.

"When the story broke, Harry happened to be with Meghan in Toronto," Nicholl wrote (via Express). "He was apparently taken by surprise when his aides called to tell him the story was going to be front-page news and knew that very soon he and Meghan would be under siege."

"A story was leaked that Harry had cancelled a flight to Toronto to try and make it look like he was in the UK, but photographers and reporters descended on Meghan's home regardless," Nicholl continued.

Jessica Mulroney, Markle's best friend, helped them. The couple would usually hide in the Mulroney's plush home where the "Horrible Bosses" star noticed how Prince Harry easily connected with her best friend's children.

Prince Harry would reportedly shower the kids with gifts and it worked because he immediately won them. "He was brilliant with them and I think what swung it for Meghan was how good Harry was with them," a source said.

The insider believed that Prince Harry's kindness with the kids was among the reasons Markle "really fell" for the royal. Meanwhile, the Duke already won the Mulroney's approval from the beginning.

In related news, according to Nicholl, the "Suits" star has transformed her future husband in a positive way. Markle has encouraged Prince Harry to live a healthier lifestyle and to tap into his emotional side more.

"He was a bit of wayward royal, you know, there was a bit of a rebel in him. I would say that Meghan has tamed him," Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight. "I think Meghan has changed him for the better. I think she's helped get him more in touch with his emotional side and he is without a doubt a happier man with Meghan in his life."

The royal expert has been writing about the royals for the past 10 years. According to Nicholl, the Duke is happier now with Markle.

"When I see him on engagements now he's smiling, he's always been enthusiastic. He's always been charming, that is part of Harry's appeal. But he seems so much happier," the expert continued. "So much more ready to embrace the future and his royal role with someone to share the load with. He seems really to have met his match in Meghan."