• People always look for ways and means on how to live longer
  • Health experts recommend that you eat healthy foods, particularly eat one type of food in moderation
  • When you eat cheese moderately, you will be able to increase longevity

Extending one’s life may be the instinct of anyone. After all, most people wouldn’t want to die young, with some even afraid of the prospect of dying. Health experts have always pointed out that one of the primary culprits on why life expectancy is reduced is an unhealthy lifestyle.

For instance, those who eat tons of sugary foods and saturated fats without even opting for healthy options tend to have a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. These two lead to health complications that can even become life-threatening.

Many people also die from heart disease. By taking the necessary precautions to avoid the onset of heart disease, you may be able to help increase your longevity. As per health experts, when you try to reduce your intake of one particular food, you are also increasing your chances of living a longer life. So what food should you eat in moderation?

Cheesy Information

According to a study that took into consideration the effects of eating cheese on cardiovascular disease, they found that by eating cheese moderately, they are able to increase their longevity. The study involved more than 200,000 participants. They found that those who regularly consumed cheese were at lower risk by 14% to develop heart disease. how to live longer how to live longer Photo: Jill Wellington - Pixabay

The findings of Chinese researchers showed that this was profound among those who consumed only 1.41 ounces of cheese daily, or approximately 40 grams. On the other hand, those who consumed more than the mentioned amount are exposing themselves to a risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cheese has been regarded as one of those foods that can boost the health of the heart. However, it is also high in salt and saturated fat. If left uncontrolled, it can increase your risk of developing heart disease. According to the British Heart Foundation, when you eat tons of saturated fat and salt, you may increase your blood pressure. Before you know it, you are already showing symptoms of high blood pressure complications.

Aim Low-Fat

To combat the risk of overeating cheese, it would be best for you to opt for low-fat cheeses. Some examples of low-fat cheese would include mozzarella, cottage cheese, and feta. Also, try to stay away from convenience foods. When you do the cooking at home, you clearly minimized the use of unhealthy cheeses.

So the next time that you would be craving for cheese, better opt for low-fat ones. Also, remember to avoid fast food. This could also lead to a spike in blood pressure.