Pandora is finally available on the Xbox 360 and PS4. Rather than being available as an app for the consoles, Pandora Media Inc. (NYSE:P) has developed a browser-based workaround. The new interface for Pandora is based on HTML5, so console owners only have to direct their browsers to to listen.

Pandora will offer a semi-native implementation of the service for each console, and explains to Xbox 360 owners that bookmarking the page will also let them to keep it on their list of “pinned” items for easy access. Pandora has not yet described a similar process for PlayStation owners, who also have access to a Bookmarks feature, and can bookmark Pandora by pressing the “select” button.


Streaming music apps like Pandora or Spotify are under heavy pressure from the tech giants, who seem to be busy launching their own platform-exclusive music streaming apps. Xbox Music, for example, is only available on Windows 8 devices. Google recently launched its Play Music All Access exclusively for Android and the Web, and Apple is rumored to be launching a service called iRadio at its WWDC 2013 event next week.

Pandora CTO Tom Conrad told TechCrunch that the company’s goal is to become as pervasive as radio. Pandora now has deals with several automobile manufacturers. Establishing itself as a universally available service while Microsoft and Apple are launching platform-exclusive competition allows Pandora to differentiate itself from those services, as well as competitors such as Spotify and Songza. Pandora will likely also be available on the Xbox One and PS4 when those devices are launched, as both will offer a Web browser.

What is your favorite service for streaming music?

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