A lot of individuals would like to find out how to live longer. Science has explained time and again that one’s lifestyle has got a lot to do with how long you will live. Lifestyle would include the activities that you engage in daily, as well as the kinds of food that you eat. Having a healthy lifestyle is the most effective way to increase life expectancy.

With so many foods available out there, you may be wondering about the kinds of foods that could help you live longer. There are three types of foods that are proven effective in keeping you healthy and help boost your life expectancy.

flaxseeds could help in boosting life expectancy
flaxseeds could help in boosting life expectancy alexdante - Pixabay


Seeds are considered some of nature’s best gifts. A diet that indulges in different kinds of seeds could keep you healthy and protect you from certain ailments. For one, it gives your body ample protection against the risk of developing heart disease.

One good seed that was shown to provide significant benefits is flax seeds. These seeds are known to contain various kinds of polyphenols. These act as antioxidants, which fight cell damage. The most important polyphenols found in flax seeds are lignans.

By including flax seeds in your diet, you are getting antioxidants, which could help keep your cells in good condition. One proof of this is the study that revealed how consumption of flaxseeds reduced bad cholesterol in the body. It also helped reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.


In addition to flaxseeds, legumes are also among the foods that can significantly increase life expectancy. Some examples of legends that are great for consumption include lentils, chickpeas, and beans.

According to a US-based study, if you consume legumes four times or more in a week, then you would enjoy a reduced risk of heart disease. The percentage reduction for risk of coronary heart disease is at 22%, while cardiovascular disease is at 11%.


When it comes to opting for a healthy diet, nuts have always been among the topmost foods. These great foods can help in reducing the risk of a heart attack. They also lower bad cholesterol levels. In addition, they could help in lowering your risk of developing blood clots.

Opting for these foods could help increase your life expectancy. They ensure that you are in the best of health and that your risk of developing deadly diseases is greatly reduced.