• Visceral fat can lead to a lot of health complications if it is not reduced
  • There are foods and beverages that you can take, but there are those that would just add to your waistline
  • One of the culprits of visceral fat is a glass of fruit juice

Visceral fat can lead to so many health problems the moment that you don’t try to reduce it. You may not see this, but for sure, you would feel how your tummy area has grown out of proportions. The worse part of visceral fat is that it is located so close to the vital organs that it could lead to many serious health problems.

If you are familiar with belly fat, then knowing what visceral fat is could further strengthen your resolve to lose weight. The fact that an accumulation of visceral fat can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, and increased cholesterol levels may just encourage you to take your journey towards weight loss really seriously.

In addition to losing weight through exercise, you may also consider stopping yourself from reaching out for that one beverage, which is touted by many as healthy and would not increase your belly fat. Health experts recommend that you limit your desire of reaching out for a glass of fruit juice.

Lots of Sugar

Fruit juices are always well-packaged as the healthy option, but most of the time, you wouldn’t know the amount of sugar that is being included. According to an Express’ report, a 250ml of apple juice can contain the same amount of sugar in a cola.

fruit juice sugar fructose visceral fat
fruit juice sugar fructose visceral fat silviarita - Pixabay

While there’s no denying that fruit juices provide the body with vitamins and minerals, the fructose it contains is often hideous. When there’s too much fructose, it could lead to insulin resistance. Obviously, it can result in weight gain.

Avoiding Fructose

Cutting down in the amount of fructose that you take in could greatly help in reducing visceral fat. A study that was also reported on Express showed that by replacing high-fructose foods and beverages can do wonders.

The study involved 41 children aged 9 to 18. By replacing fructose with starch that yields the same amount of calories, then the starchy foods came out the winner. This simple experiment showed that the percent of liver fat and visceral fat in the children was reduced.

So the next time that you crave for some sweet fruit juice, better reach for a glass of water. It simply is the healthiest cup you can drink.