• Getting rid of visceral fat would require you to perform some exercises
  • A study compared aerobic, resistance training, or both, and determined which one gets rid of belly fat effectively
  • They found out that one can burn 67% more calories than the other

If you have noticed that your belly has already turned big and that you could no longer fit in your old jeans, then you may have been accumulating the nasty visceral fat. This is the fat that is located close to the body's organs. You can find this near the heart, liver, and stomach.

One thing that makes visceral fat really dangerous is that there are many cases where people don't even realize its presence. Yet, it is slowly wreaking havoc to one's health. So how do you get rid of visceral fat?

Best Exercise to Get Rid of Visceral Fat

According to Duke University Medical Centre researchers, comparing three kinds of exercises, namely, resistance training, aerobic exercise, or doing both. They were able to identify the best exercise. They discovered that the one that can effectively get rid of visceral fat is aerobic exercises.

aerobic exercise to get rid of visceral fat
aerobic exercise to get rid of visceral fat arembowski - Pixabay

The researchers conducted an 8-month study involving 196 people. They documented the amount of visceral fat that was lost using the three different kinds of exercises. As per the results of the research, the most efficient and effective means were doing aerobic exercises.

The Numbers Said It All

According to the study that was published in the American Journal of Physiology, the lead author Dr. Cris Slentz, said that the study sought to identify the exercise that would be most effective at getting rid of the ugly fat. He explained that those who want to lose belly fat must go for aerobic exercises since it burns more calories than resistance training. Aerobic exercises burned 67% more calories compared to resistance training.

The participants in the study were divided into groups. The aerobic group did an equivalent of jogging 12 miles every week, with a heart rate of 80% maximum. On the other hand, the resistance training group did 3 sets of 8, 12 repetitions, thrice every week.

According to Slentz, what counts is how much exercise is being done, the number of miles that you walk, and the number of calories that are burned. Working at lower aerobic intensity would take a lot of time to burn the same amount of fat. Doing anything that could get your heart pumping like dancing, swimming, running, and hiking.