Meghan Markle’s “dysfunctional family” affected the royal family’s first impression of her.

Markle’s fans keep on insisting that the people hate her because she is black. However, according to royal expert Dickie Arbiter, there were three things about Markle that bothered the family.

“Meghan has a past and a dysfunctional family,” Arbiter said.

For Markle’s past, Arbiter was referring to her previous marriage and her profession as an actress. Markle loved acting and she was catapulted to fame when she landed a role on USA Network’s paralegal drama series “Suits.”

According to a previous report, Prince Philip discouraged Prince Harry from marrying Markle because she was an actress. 

“One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them,” the Duke of Edinburgh reportedly told Prince Harry.

Also, in the past, the royals did not marry a divorcee. In fact, this was the reason Princess Margaret was forced to break up with Peter Townsend.

The Queen is also very careful when it comes to the members of the royal family’s marriages because she doesn’t want them to face another divorce. Queen Elizabeth II’s three children Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew all divorced their first spouses Princess Diana, Mark Phillips, and Sarah Ferguson, respectively.

Aside from Markle’s past, her “dysfunctional family” made it more complicated for her. In the run-up to her royal wedding, her half-sister Samantha and half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. made many statements against her. All of these factors convinced many, not just the royal family, to fear for Prince Harry’s future with Markle. Some believed that their marriage would not last long.

Princess Diana’s friend Simone Simmons gave the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s marriage two and a half to three years. She added that she didn’t want to see Prince Harry badly hurt because he is the embodiment of his mom, Princess Diana, and he is so sensitive. However, their marriage might end up similarly to Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s.

“Look at Meghan’s family and the people who really know her. Look at what they’ve said… Even people with dysfunctional families are not as disassociated with hers,” Simmons said.

“Look at her past two relationships… They didn’t last much longer than two years… This will probably be no different,” she added.