Sure, celebrities can make a killing starring on one season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” but they’re not the only ones who get paid. New reports and interviews with sources close to the professional dancers from the show reveal they’re also making a decent salary from the competition program.

Following the reveal that professionals Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd would be returning or Season 24 shortly after the birth of their first child, son Shai, in January, a source spoke out about their decision. According to People Magazine’s sources, ABC’s paycheck was too good for them to pass up.

“Having a kid is not cheap and doing the show gives them a lot more financial freedom,” said an insider. “Maks had concerns that being a dad would consume his whole life but since Shai arrived, he and Peta both realized they can handle the show and being parents too.”

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Radar Online followed up with a report that there was “backstage drama” with the professional dancers at “DWTS.” The tabloid claimed that now that the pros are big stars they are starting to request “hefty demands” including more perks and “higher pay.” Gossip Cop shot down these rumors.

“…Contracts are renegotiated each season, and obviously there’s going to be pay increases based on longevity and other factors. The pros haven’t ‘revolted’ because they are grateful for the show’s exposure, and ABC, as well as the producers, treat them appropriately,” wrote the site.

While exact salaries for the Season 24 pros isn’t known, the pay for each installment’s celebrity cast members has been readily available for years. Each contestant is granted $125,000 for agreeing to participate on the show. From there, the contestants are paid on a sliding scale depending how far they make it.

The three finalists make the same amount – roughly $345,000. The winner, of course, also gets the notoriety and the coveted Mirror Ball trophy.

Catch the “Dancing With the Stars” Season 24 premiere Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.