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Diamond earrings are not just typical jewelry. They are known to be very expensive and considered a valuable investment that tends to increase their market value over time. With that, beauty is not the first thing people think of when someone is wearing diamond earrings—instead, it is wealth.

Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds are valuable investments. Brilliant Earth

Creating and designing diamond earrings, including other diamond jewelry, are a tedious and laborious process. Brilliant Earth introduces an ethical and environmentally-friendly approach to creating diamond earrings. Among all the jewelers and businesses that sell diamond jewelry, they are the first ones to offer blockchain-enabled diamonds, providing the provenance of a diamond's origin and ownership.

Are Brilliant Earth Diamonds Real?

With their goal to create diamonds ethically and sell conflict-free diamonds, which is an unusual way of creating diamonds, some of you might be wondering if Brilliant Earth diamonds are real. Unlike other diamonds that are classified as conflict-free or ethically-sourced, Brilliant Earth takes the time and effort to understand and choose its supply chains carefully, making its diamonds 100 percent real and ethical.

Brilliant Earth Diamond
Brilliant Earth diamonds 100 percent real and ethical. Brilliant Earth

Their select group of diamond suppliers is required to source diamonds that originate from specific mine operators who adhere to internationally recognized labor, trade, and environmental standards. They also offer lab-created and recycled diamonds, which are ethical and responsible alternatives.

The innovative blockchain-based technology has been integrated with their supply chain to trace the gemstone origin efficiently and securely and give assurance to the consumers for responsible practices for a selection of blockchain-enabled diamonds without compromising their quality and beauty.

Create and Design Your Own Diamond Earrings

Brilliant Earth has more than 300 gorgeous diamond earrings that come in different styles, such as stud, hoop, yellow gold, birthstone, and gemstone. If you're going to give it as a gift to your loved ones or someone special, it might take longer for you to choose with all the styles available, but it is definitely worth it!

Create Earrings
You can create your own earrings. Brilliant Earth

In case you want to make your diamond earrings more special, Brilliant Earth allows you to design your own diamond earrings. Simply choose a diamond setting, including your preferred style, metal, and shape. You may also indicate the price range to find diamond earrings that suit your budget.

Several options that match your design will appear. Then you just have to select the specific diamond earrings. If your design does not appear, you can expand your chosen criteria or contact Brilliant Earth. Once you finally select your diamond earrings, you'll see the details and carat size.

Diamond Earrings
Choose your preferred details. Brilliant Earth

You can also choose between natural diamonds and lab diamonds. Before finalizing your design, make sure to indicate your preferred carat size, color, cut, clarify, and price. You can view the diamond earrings based on your chosen criteria. Upon choosing the perfect diamond earrings for you, you're all set! Just wait for your diamond earrings to get delivered.

Flaunt your beautiful, sophisticated, and ethically-sourced diamond earrings.