Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry has transformed from having a playboy reputation to a husband materia. Pictured: Prince Harry and Markle attend a memorial service at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square in London, on April 23, 2018. Getty Images/David Parker

Prince Harry has transformed from a playboy into husband material.

Prince William's brother has his own share of scandals prior to meeting his future wife, Meghan Markle. In fact, he earned himself a playboy reputation, but this has changed over time as he has become husband material for the "Suits" actress.

"Before he began his time in the Services, he earned something of a playboy reputation," said Sir William Heseltine, the Queen's former private secretary of Markle's fiancé.

Prince Harry has a history of partying, drinking and smoking. In 2012, he made headlines after his nude photos surfaced. The snaps were reportedly taken during a game of strip billiards in the confines of his private hotel suite.

One senior courtier admitted that most people who have met the young Prince Harry would describe him as likable. However, he lacked the maturity that his brother, Prince William, had when the Duke of Cambridge was the same age as him.

"He always seemed to be trying just a bit too hard to fit in, and had an absurd desire to show off — still basically a child, with nothing like the maturity of his brother at the same age," the senior courtier said.

Fortunately, things changed when Prince Harry joined the military. He served in the army for 10 years, and even now, he is still supportive of his fellow servicemen and helps wounded men and women as they adapt to life post-injury.

"All those incidents of him falling out of nightclubs had pretty much dried up after he joined the Army," said Lord Dannatt, then chief of staff.

Lord Dannatt admitted that he was disappointed when Prince Harry left the army. However, the prince continued to champion wounded soldiers after his stint.

In fact, he is the patron of the Invictus Games, an international adaptive multi-sport event for the wounded, injured and sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans. He and Markle made their first public appearance as a couple during the event in Toronto in 2017. The couple will also fly to Australia in October for the 2018 Invictus Games.

From being tagged as a playboy, Prince Harry has now become husband material. Prince Harry broke an unwritten royal protocol just to protect Markle from the press. He claimed that the actress was subjected to a "wave of abuse and harassment."

"Prince Harry is worried about Ms Markle's safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her," the statement said.

"His unprecedented demand for press restraint knocked Prince Charles's and the Duchess of Cornwall’s carefully planned tour of the Middle East off the front pages, which probably didn't go down well," Angela Levin, author of the new biography "Harry: Conversations with the Prince," wrote.