Prince Harry
Prince Harry may be unaware of the mistakes he is making. The Duke of Sussex is pictured attending the dedication ceremony for the Sousse and Bardo Memorial in Cannon Hill Park on March 4, 2019 in Birmingham, England. Oli Scarff - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry seems to be content with the current state of his life with his wife, Meghan Markle, who is pregnant with their first baby, however, it doesn’t mean he is perfect.

Since marrying Meghan in 2018, Harry has reportedly exhibited a variety of personality changes. While it appears he has changed for the better in the eyes of fans, one expert thinks the Duke of Sussex is turning out just as Princess Diana predicted.

During an appearance on ITV’S Good Morning Britain, royal expert Amanda Platell revealed she believes the changes that Prince Harry has undergone will have a negative effect on his life.

“I think it is a huge mistake for Harry. It is wonderful that he is in love, that he has met this woman, that they are changing, going on a journey together,” she explained.

“But remember Diana famously said that she knew that she never worried about William because he was sensible and he was bright. She worried about Harry because he was not that bright,” Platell added.

Following Prince Harry’s WE Day speech earlier this month, in which he encouraged young people to be mindful of a variety of issues like mental health and climate change, the royal expert suggested the 34-year-old’s outlook could turn people against him.

“I think that he is very easily influenced and I think it is quite insulting a lot of the stuff he is saying,” Platell stated.

Elsewhere on the program, Piers Morgan noted that Prince William and Kate Middleton were ideal royals due to their ability to keep their opinions to themselves and do what is expected of them.

“I think they go about it in a very conventional, royal way and actually that is what we want from the royals. I do not think we want to be lectured by the royals constantly,” Morgan added.