Queen Elizabeth II upstaged the bride’s mother in the last royal wedding she attended.

Last Saturday, the royal family celebrated Lady Gabriella’s wedding to Thomas Kingston. Initially, there were reports claiming that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton wouldn’t make an appearance.

However, Her Majesty showed up at the event. Also, the Duke of Sussex made an unexpected appearance, though he went without his wife. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were not present.

There are some disadvantages when the Queen is present at a wedding. She could upstage the bride’s mother, and this was what happened at Lady Gabriella’s big day when the Queen sat next to the bride. Princess Michael of Kent was seated beside Prince Philip.

“One disadvantage, possibly, of having the Queen at your wedding, certainly if you’re the mother of the bride, is that the Queen gets to sit next to the bride!” Ann Gripper said on the “Pod Save the Queen” podcast.

“So, in the grand family portrait that was put out, [Lady Gabriella Windsor] was standing with her father, who’d obviously escorted her to church and walked her down the aisle and everything,” she continued. “And then, sitting down in the front row, you had the Queen, then Prince Philip. And then you had Princess Michael.”

According to Rebecca Flood, a journalist for The Sun, the members of the royal family were arranged in that way during the photoshoot for a reason. Her Majesty was positioned right beside the bride because of her position in the monarchy.

The monarch outranks everyone in the family including the bride’s parents, that’s why she is usually seated beside the bride in photographs.

The same arrangement was observed at Princess Eugenie’s wedding photos. Queen Elizabeth II was seated beside the bride while her parents Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew were standing at the far end of the photo.

On Monday, Queen Elizabeth II joined Prince William and Middleton at the Chelsea Flower Show to support the Duchess of Cambridge. The garden Middleton designed was finally unveiled. Prince William and Middleton welcomed Her Majesty with a kiss upon her arrival.

On Tuesday, the three royals reunited again at a garden party in Buckingham Palace. The Queen and Duchess of Cambridge wore color-coordinated outfits for the said event.