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ios mac iphone ipad streaming sharing media
Streaming media from your iPhone, iPad or Mac without relying on cables is possible. Nick_H/ Pixabay

If there's one thing Apple needs to improve on is the ease of integrating media from an iPhone to a Mac or Windows desktop without relying on cables or external drives. Sure, there's AirDrop, but we're talking about huge chunks of files here.

Well, modern problems require modern solutions and that's where ArkMC comes in. It allows you to easily find, stream and share any multimedia content stored in your iOS devices and macOS computers on any device connected to your Wi-Fi network, including Smart HD TVs and Android devices without the need for HDMI cables and storage drives. Did we mention that it can be used on game consoles as well? Sweet.

So, in how many ways can ArkMC help your digital life moving forward? Glad you asked.

What is ArkMC?

streaming movies tv ios mac
Streaming your stored media wirelessly can be done via ArkMC. Mohamed Hassan/ Pixabay

Short for Arkuda Media Center, ArkMC is a digital "Swiss knife" that lets you browse, stream and control all your media wirelessly. The app negates the need to copy files from your phone or laptop to an external hard drive, and is also compatible with many media formats so you do not need to convert a file from one media format to another.

ArkMC mobile app

iPhone X
The iPhone X is among those compatible with the iOS 14 mobile operating system. William Hook/ Flickr

The ArkMC mobile app lets you cast and stream your chosen media to HD TV, Xbox One, PS4 and other compatible devices and appliances. It supports various video, audio and image formats, including (but not limited to) MP4, MP3, WAV and JPEG/JPG. In addition, the mobile app also supports a wide range of subtitles and even offers YouTube integration so you can use it to create your personal YouTube channel list.

Its Pro version allows you to store an unlimited number of media files per folder, as well as an unlimited number of YouTube channels per playlist.

ArkMC for Mac

Man on MacBook Pro laptop
Man on MacBook Pro laptop Austin Distel on Unsplash

Once installed on your Mac device, the ArkMC can let you stream music, movies, videos and photos to your Smart/HD TV, mobile devices, gaming consoles and other receivers wirelessly -- no more old-fashioned cables and adapters ruining the setting.

Too much music, pics, movies on your Mac? No need to fret as ArkMC can let you copy your stored pictures, music, videos and other media to external devices such as Network Attached Storage devices with DLNA/UPnP support, all while having easy access to them.

Aside from offering 4K Ultra HD support, ArkMC also allows you to create different playlists for different players. These playlists can be created from either a TV set, AV receiver, a mobile device or even a compatible gaming console. Each playlist set on the device/s used can contain various media from different sources -- just put said media where you need them so they are ready to be streamed at any time.

When linked with the ArkMC iOS app, you can be sure that what's on your iPhone can be accessed easily from your Mac and displayed on your desired screen, plus you can even create slideshows to be viewed whenever and wherever you want.

ArkMC for Mac is available in prepaid and lifetime licenses, with the latter allowing you to use up to 5 Macs for casting and streaming media on other devices. For sharing and enjoying media with family and friends with just a few clicks on your Mac, you can also try the Mac App Store-exclusive ArkMS.