Ever wish your future self can write you a letter and enlighten you about the mistakes you’re making, or about to make? It’s an impossible scenario, but “How to Get Away With Murder” star Alfred Enoch still did so to his younger self in the hopes of enlightening other people about racial discrimination.

Enoch, born from a black Brazilian mother and a white English father, enjoyed two distinct models for both nationalities. However, he grew up with “extensive educational privileges” thanks to his white, public school and Oxford-educated father.

“It is no surprise that you do not question your place in a society where not all black people feel as comfortable as you do. While some grew up missing the presence of people who looked like them on television, you were watching your own father,” he wrote for Metro.

When he came to America, Enoch said he had “lack of consciousness” about racial discrimination. But he was jolted out of this pretty soon when he landed a job. America changed the way he saw himself and it was the first time he became conscious of his ethnicity.

“It is precisely your identity as an outsider – as a foreigner and a person of color – that will give you a new perspective on your ethnicity,” he told his younger self. “You will begin to ask, for the first time, what it is to be black in a predominantly white society. You will be challenged by people dear to you, emboldened by people more desperate than you, and welcomed by people unknown to you. You will begin to see the wood as well as the trees.”

For so long, Enoch said he was blind to racial injustice. But America forced him to open his eyes. For those who are still blind like he was, Enoch made this plea: “All I ask of you is that you open your eyes.”

Enoch’s character, Wes Gibbons, was killed off during Season 3 of “How to Get Away With Murder.” However, executive producer Pete Nowalk is hopeful to get him back for the next few episodes of Season 4, even if it’s just in flashbacks.

“He’s (Enoch) working abroad on another show, so right now we don’t have specific plans to bring him back, but I’m really hoping it happens,” Nowalk told Variety.

“How to Get Away with Murder” Season 4 airs every Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Alfred Enoch from “How to Get Away With Murder” said growing up as a “person of color” in a “predominantly white society” helped give him a new perspective on ethnicity.